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break from chemo?

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Had 7 weekly Taxols

at 1st was easy, then progressively more fatigue, etc

past week bedridden, abdominal bloating and gas, general misery

Not doing any more until CT scan May 6 shows if it is working or not


my question:

If a person is not NED, is it normal to take a break from chemo....a month? 2 months?

I want to get some energy back and go to Cuba for a week to meet my husband....this would be the 3rd time we do this (he lives in Colombia) in the past year since I have had this lovely diagnosis


Anyone have experience re breaks from chemo?



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Please take some time to enjoy life with your husband and give your body a break. I know you are the Doctor and you think from a Doctor's perspective... but I am just a soft-hearted, old fashioned mushy female - but you need a break and some TLC.  I honestly believe when you are so fatigued and emotionally drained and standing all alone it is taking its toll on you and the chemo can't be as effective as maybe it would be if your body was a little stronger and your frame of mind more whole.

jusy my humble opinion but I wouldnt even ask what anyone else's experience is -- you are Beila and there is only one of you and you need to focus on what your heart is telling you - not that medical head of yours :-)


Be well and if I can help please feel free to message me.


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It sounds like you need a break from chemo.  Your body can use the time to recover from all you have been through.  Enjoy your time with your husband.  I am sorry that you are having such a rough time.  I hope you have gotten an antidepressant, too.  Take care and enjoy each day.

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Kathy G.
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Hoping you the best in making decisions in your own best interests once you've had a minute to catch your breath and clear your head!

I have to echo RO that I hope you were able to get on an anti-depressant to help you through all you are and have been dealing with!



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