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how to buy cialis for less than $30 per pill?

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My surgeon proscribed cialis, 20mg, 10 pills with 12 refils, to start after the catheter came out. Took the script to cvs. cvs says "your insurance company won't pay for it and the cost for 10 pills is over $300. It looks like you can buy this stuff from Canadian Pharmacy for $82.35 for 30 pills of "generic cialis." anyone have any experience with buying online from this or other providers?

do they sell generic cialis in the us? Is there such a thing? are these online pharmacies rip offs or are they valid/trusted companies?

i have a federal health insurance benefit plan. Does anyone know if any of these plans, e.g. blue cross, blue shiled, etc. will cover cialis or similar drugs?



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Please see link http://www.fepblue.org/pharmacy/discount-drug-program.jsp - there is a discount drug program with Blue Cross Blue Shield for federal employees and it includes Cialis tablet. Coverage of ED drugs differs from State to State: for Western NY https://host1.medcohealth.com/art/open_enrollment/MG_BCBS_WestNY.pdf; for Northeastern NY https://host1.medcohealth.com/art/open_enrollment/MG_BS_NE_NY.pdf; if you're somewhere else - google or call them.

Generic Cialis is called Tadalafil. Same thing but not made by Eli Lilly.

Canadian online pharmacies are legitimate businesses. At least the ones that require you to fax your prescription before you can place an order. If a web-site is offering prescription drugs without a prescription, it's most likely a scam.

In Canada brand name Cialis 20mg or Viagra 100mg are under $10/pill recreationally. Generics are much cheaper, maybe $3-4/pill depending on how many you're buying. In the States it's around $130/15 blister pack or $220/bottle of 30 depending on where you are; just go on your local craigslist.org and search. If "Cialis" is not coming up, search for "vitamins" or "V&C" or "blues and yellows" or "weekend pill". If you decide to buy off the street make sure they are sealed, check expiration date and use common sense (especially if you are new at that).

Hope that helps. And no, I am neither pushing nor taking those Smile


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