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I finally just caught up with my weekend emails and saw that there was a caring bridge post in your journal. I just wanted to tell you that you amaze me......for so many reasons!
That's all :-)
I know God has something special planned for you, I just know it.
With love,

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Thanks Billie.  It has been a very hard week for me.  I have been going through box after box of mostly crap, but I realize all the stuff David and I have together would not even fill one box.  It is sad.  I am finding out so much about my husband and it just makes me admire him more.  I don't know how people get through such a loss.  I know people do, but I am starting to think they are much stronger than I am.

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vivian, u r b'n 2 hard on urself.  u r a very strong lady but its gonna take time.  be kind to urself u deserve it.  have u thot any more about a trip?  that would probably be the best thing u could do for u right now.  you'll be with friends and your mind will stay busy.  plus you'll have someone to cry with if u feel the need.  please consider a trip.  u r n my prayers.

God bless,


Billie67's picture
Posts: 843
Joined: Jul 2012

I'm so sorry, so sorry. I can only imagine the difficult time you must be having. I only can say that I know you will somehow someway get thru this. Trust that you will. I know David is looking down on you and wishing you were not so sad. I can only think that God picked you to be David's wife and care for him the way you did. Try and find peace in that David is not only not in pain but living a perfect, ageless, healthy life and when you see him again he will be the David you married.
Now for that trip Debbie mentioned, all I can say is hurry up May and June haha

Take good care and know you are thought of often. Don't forget to take time to laugh at something silly<3

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