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Just returned from Texas where the latest PET SCAN showed the chemo did not work. My husband was on Xeloda, Oxaliplatin & Herceptin.  One supraventricular lymph node increased and a new spot was found on the right pelvic bone. The doctor now ordered Docetaxel, Irinotecan and Herceptin.  

I wish I knew how they decide to switch up/change chemo and how they measure success. It's kind of the glass is half empty/half full situation.  Half empty would say it failed in that a new spot and an enlarged lymph node appeared. Half full would say there could have been many spots in many places but the chemo had kept it at bay. Three PET scans and each time it's always one thing. One lymph node, one vertebra and now one spot on the pelvic bone. 

I wish I could understand the course of this disease. It has been 4 1/2 months now. He is working everday. He is not in pain. He has lost weight but the doctor thinks it wasn't the cancer but the restricted diet I put him on. While everything was healthy, the calories were lacking. So I need to find other ways to nourish him without resorting to red meat, potatoes and sugar.


P.S. Noticed several people have been mentioning juicing. I read that the benefits of the fruits and vegetables are maximized by the chewing process from the enzymes in saliva. Anyone else aware of this?


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Your husband's journey sound so similar to mine. He also took herceptin, and is a stage iv with initial mets to the right rib and a few lymph nodes. We will hear the results of the latest PET scan tomorrow. He looks a bit jaundiced, I am hoping and praying that the liver has not been affected.

He took Xeloda as well and hated that one. He was diagnosed in Dec 2011. The prognosis was 18 months, I am trying to stay positive, but like you EC has a mind of its own.

Please keep posting, because both our husbands have to be HER 2+ and I heard there may be a new drug soon.




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My husband is on his second round of chemo. I noticed you said your husband has been on chemo a year. It's encouraging to know. I hope his quality of life has been good. There are few Stage IV EC patients on this board.  Where did you hear about a new drug for HER + patients? Would love to research it.                                                                                                                                                                                                           Let us know how your husband's scan turns out. I will be thinking and praying for both of you.

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I believe the jucing comes from the Gerson diet, which advocates the elimination of cancer through an all organic, 100% juice diet.  You can read about this on Wikipedia. 

There are a number of supplements that you can add to cereals, breads, soups, juices, etc, that will add protein and calories:  hemp seeds and buckwheat are two good ones.  Some people like chia seeds.  If you are creative, you can add these to almost everything.

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