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Postcard from Gallipolli turkey and the GCMAF conference in Frankfurt

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Just saying Hi from Frankfurt airport as family and I take off to istambul for a week for ANZAC day dawn service at Gallipolli cove. Its an australian thing.

I have been advices to break from immune therapies for 3 months to allow my immune system to rebuild, so its a good window to catch up with family and friends and not disturb treatments, in fact its emotionally good, so its a positive treatment.

I spoke today at the Gcmaf conference about my immunotherapy results and gcmaf


I also did a voice of amercia radio interview last week, which was fun. but you guys know all the stuff i go on with so i will spare you the story.

I am having a great time with the family in germany, and a week in turkey should fanatastic. if your interested in gcmaf, just look at my blog, click through to the conference,  




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your still doing good Pete, Gc-maf led me here and to you and your story, coincidently our Prof. has a photo with Yamamoto on his desk, he came to Israel to meet, tiny Japanese man who looked like a sage, easily in his late 80's at the time.

We are still using it, MRI tonight will see if it helped.

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I'll be thinking of your little guy.  AA

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no matter what the results we are still trying to be positive and looking for options.

very worried husband
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Pete! Enjoy every minute of it. You deserve it........ I am jealous ( although in a differnt context !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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