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Floride or not?

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Ruben and Jude
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Please give an opinion if we should use the floride trays or not?  Heard good and bad things. Radiation to the neck for 8 weeks.

Thank you.

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since I have dentures.....but most of the people here are meticulous about their teeth.....and floride trays are part of that.  When I started treatment I was sorry I had dentures, but when I hear what has to be done after treatment to keep teeth going, I'm glad I never have to worry about it.


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My oncology team recommended it. I'm three years post treatment and I still use the trays occasionally.

I currently use a prescription floride toothpaste and see my dentist every three or four months. The treatment was hard on my dental work and I need every advantage I can get.



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I have never heard anything bad concerning using fluoride after radiation... Actually most if not all highly endorse added fluoride. I'm four years post treatment and still use it.

I never used trays, my dentist gives me OralB STOP flouride gel...

I used to use it 3-5 times a week.. Now after four years, I use it once a week...

Not sure how much it's helped... But I haven't lost any teeth post rads..., maybe two cavities, and one or two crowns. But that's not uncommon of my pre Tx history...


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He gave me a a floride soulution to rinse with during treatment.  I now use an over the counter floride rinse every evening.  So far just usual stuff for teeth my age.  Radiation is very hard on teeth and I see my dentist every 3 to 4 months.  I think the floride helped.

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Yes, I used the trays but only made it two weeks into rads before I had to discontinue. It took several weeks post tx before I could use anything other than a polishing paste as everything burned too bad. If there is something you can do to make things better going forward, I would suggest it.

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I used them but also had to quit about 3 wks into rads because the Prevident started burning. It still does if I try to brush my teeth with it and I finished tx June 12th of last year.

If you can tolerate them by all means use them.

I lost two crowns recently and part of my tooth broke off in each. Granted, they were old crowns but I am sure the 35 radiation treatments didn't help?

I use Act dry mouth (for its flouride) and Biotene dry mouth 2x per day.

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If my memory is correct, you mentioned that Ruben uses the VA for his medical. Will he be using the Dental also? If so, they should prescribe the Floride for him and where I am, they use the Previ-Dent 5000 Flouride Gel. I used the trays with Perio-Check Flouride in my first 5 years and the VA Dentist saw that when I started to see him at the 5 year mark. He suggested for me to switch to the Previ-Dent as it wouldn't brown my teeth like the Perio-Check that I was using from my Cancer Dentist.

With the Previ-Dent 5000, I brush it on and let it set for 30 minutes without rinsing until that time. I also brush regular with it, and rinse right after. The 30 minute treatment should be done at least once a day. So far I have been doing the flouride for 8 plus years, no cavities. 5 years trays, 3 years brushing. The brushing eliminates the cost of the trays which ran $400 for me when I first got them.

My Best to Both of You and Everyone Here

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Trays...YES! I did it for many years past rad, not as diligenty as I should've, but I didn't loose any teeth(including all molars I didn't let them pull pre-treatment) I am now in 13th yr post rads and now I will probably have all teeth removed, not so much pain(I think almost all left have been root canaled so not much pain anymore) but they've begun to break including just from brushing teeth. I don't think I would have had all those years of chewing without trays, flouride toothpaste and dentist. Good luck, but get them!


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My dentist recommended a kids fluoride rinse from Listerine. It's a blue candy flavored liquid that you rinse with after brushing. I've been using it since before treatment began.  Seems to be doing the job. The only thing I've noticed is a little sensitivity to cold. 


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T and Jude,

It is common for us to have senistivity to cold in reference to teeth.


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I honestly don't know what negative things you've heard but if hubby wants to do all things possible to protect his teeth he should use the flouride trays during rads treatment and use the trays and flouride once a day. One of the side effects of the flouride is staining of the teeth BUT it's extrinsic so it can be polished off by your dentist. You should be on a 3 or 4 month recall after this anyway so any stains that might develope won't be able to set in too much.
I hope maybe this makes your decision a bit easier.

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Ruben and Jude,


In Doctor Strange Love there was some negative talk about fluoride.  Is that what you mean?


Use fluoride trays, gels ,mouth rinse and tooth paste, gotta have strong teeth.



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My ENT advised that due to the radiation and saliva changes our teeth our not as protected as they were before. She said the flouride paste will  now be a lifelong endeavor  (sp). I use this paste as my dentist recommended it. I got my first batch on Amazon, but will get my next at the local health mart. A tube usually lasts about a month, and I use it only at night when the dry mouth is the worst.

Wishes & Prayers on your treatment


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using the trays is a good thing, but do not forget they do not help with the gum lines which is the hardest to protect and keep clean. 

i suggest to use but to make sure you floss and brush with focus on the gum lines. my dentist at Indiana School of Dentistry suggests to brush flouride into gum lines also. I would also suggest to get a waterpic and use before you brush and floss. if your early post threatment the waterpic may be hard to use. i like to use very warm water when i us waterpic. 


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Why would you not use them? I never heard anything negative about floride (other than the comments made by Jack D. Ripper from Dr. Strangelove LOL).

I used them throughout treatment and every night the past six years. I now use them every other night. The Prevident has never bothered me.

If you use trays, be sure and get the gel. It goes into the trays easily. The paste is for brushing. Also, be sure the tube has a small orifice for the application. Prevident is perfect. I got a tube, brand name Rising once, and it had a toothpaste tube sized orifice, and I couldn't apply the thin ribbon of floride needed for the trays.

Mark S.

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Be sure not to swallow any of the floride. It made my stomach feel cramped and bloated when I did swallow some by accident.

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I use the trays once a week- floss and brush twice a day. Is a pain in the neck ( well not really ) - well it's a hassle but nesasary- I am4 months post treatment 

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I have a good friend who teaches dental hygienists and dental assistants and her husband had SCC base of tongue cancer and received chemo and radiation.  She was adamant with him and with me to be faithful users of the fluoride trays, plus brushing regularly and using the salt/baking soda rinse frequently.  She said dentists see huge problems with teeth after head and neck radiation and that you can substantially reduce the risk of dental problems by using the fluoride treatments.   She says it is important to continue to use them occasionally after treatments because, even if you did the fluoride during radiation, because the teeth are weakened and always will be more vulnerable to decay and other dental problems and also because dry mouth contributes to tooth decay. 


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Ruben and Jude
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Thank you all for your input. Ruben has decided to use the trays with floride. The concern was the build up effects of floride in the body. After more research and information, we found that the consumption of floride was more of the issue rather than floride treatments.

Today, Ruben had his first chemo and radiation treatment AND his first floride treatment with the tray. We will continue the floride treatment. He is using the Prevident gel, provided by the VA.

Once again, THANK YOU for your valued and respected opinions and experience. And BTW, the chemo and radiation went well. We thank God for every good day, one day at a time. Treatment wise, the VA seems to be on target, Thank God.

:)  Jude

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