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help with Nexavar pills

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Hello everybody,


My dad has been diagnosed with liver cancer (also has hepC and diabetes). Although I live in Canada, he lives in Romania where doctors gave him 4-6 months to live and sent him home to live his last days with the family. My sister and I could not accept the diagnostic, so we managed to have aclinic in Turkey see him and redo all his analysis again. It turned out they think he still has a chance for at least a couple of years if he taxes Nexavar and they will do a chemoembolisation, as he has a large tumor on the vena porta and 3 tumors on his liver. My dad does not even know how serious this is, as we are afraid he will just give up and not be strong anymore.

In Romania none of the medication is covered by insurance and no doctor really cares, as they sent him home to die. We have been advised to do the chemoembolisation asap, as it is possible his vein will be clogged by the groing tumor thus shutting down his entire liver (only his left part is still functioning). In the meantime, we have to come up with Nexavar (2 pills a day before intervention, 4 pills a day after that). It is so expensive! We're trying to see if anybody has any folio or any pills that they do not need anymore (hopefully cancer free!). If so, please don't hesitate to let me know.

I am 7 months pregnant and my biggest dream is for my dad to live as long as possible to enjoy his first grandchild. I hope anybody can help. If so, please let me know, my email is lavinia.siminica@yahoo.com. God bless you all and thanks for all the postings on this site. Every time I read about a good evolution, I hope and I pray that my dad will follow the same path. Too bad he lives in Romania where the medical system is so rotten. ..


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