Whole brain radiation

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Hello fellow cancer patients. I have stage 4 uterine cancer - grade 3 uterine papillary serous carcinoma- battling since 2008. This is my second recurrence which has settled into lymph system. I had 4 months of Doxil chemo which failed and ended up fear death in Jan with massive fluid in both cardiac & pleural cavities. After surgery (cardiac wwindow) & nearly a month in hospital I started chemo with carboplatintaxotere in feb which has been lowering my a cancer marker significantly.

the new snag! Mets to brain about 8 scattered throughout with one prominent. Cyber knife discussed but whole brain radiation started duse to diffused lesions.

what have been experiences of you who have had this treatment? 20 sessions have been recommended with one down! It was not as bad as previous tradition I had on 2010 to throat. chemo is now suspended. I already am extremely fatigued but push myself daily to walk about a mile. 

Please respond with your experiences.

thank you so much.

Mary Ann (daisy366)