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One of our old friends posted an update and my PET good news, too

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dianetavegia  posted a picture on Facebook with her oncologist saying her PET scan a week or so ago was clear with no concerns. She had a liver resection just over a year ago.  She's over 4 years since Stage III dx and 1 year since the small met was removed. 


My PET was also clear.  Haven't gotten my CEA back but I'd just had a tooth pulled and have a fingernail infection that was bad enough that I had to take an antibiotic so might not be accurate. 

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Thank you for sharing Dianetavegia's good news, and your good news too. 

Always a happy day when we hear of people getting great results. 

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Hope CEA is good as well!  ~ Ann

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That is awesome news for both of you and I'm glad you shared that with us.  Miss her on the boards and wish she would come back.  Congratulations to you on great news.


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Terrific News!!!


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from both of you.  Thanks.

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I'm very happy for you. Hope it continues.


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