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Gliadel Wafer, infused with carmustine

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First of all...Thanx to all !!    I have stage IV Non Small Cell Lung Cancer, But I"ve had Brain Mets lately.

I know you at least... and if you have family involved, they are going throught the crap too .

Long story short, the doc's want to use Gliadel Wafers on brain mets, infused with Carmustine chemo... after brain surgery . This will be the 3rd time...in lieu of the Autolitt device.

Has anyone dealt with this Wafer??



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Yes, I have.  The Gliadel wafers werne't that bad but I did get a bad infection that lasted about a year.

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I had a crainiotomy on Dec 16 to remove a right frontal tumor and had the wafers placed.   My neurosurgeon did talk about possible infection, delayed wound healing and swelling.    I did not have any of these problems thank God.  

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