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I'm scheduled to have my mammogram on Thursday but I'm as nervous as this was a scan.  I've felt my breast so much in the last 3 months that I've got it aching trying to find any little thing wrong.  I'm getting to the point where I'm just so afraid of any doctor's appointment and my anxiety level is so high.  I'm just dreading having this done and then when the phone rings I'm wondering if it's going to be the hospital calling.  I'm such a worrier anyway and even though I've given it to God, I'm always the one to take it back and keep worrying again.  Uggsss.  If you could please keep me in your prayers, good vibes and thoughts for a normal mammogram I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks and Hugs!  Kim

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I am more concerned about your anxiety than the results of your mammogram. I can relate though. Since Steve was diagnosed I have been worried about myself getting cancer. Worried that I wont be here to look after him etc... As if there already is not enough reality to deal with as it is, I have to invent more things to worry about. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with my left breast. Was convinced there was a hardness on the left side of the left breast. Thought I could feel something. Would feel it all the time. Even out in public I would catch myself feeling around for lumps. It became quite sore, like yours. I probably would have benefited from some Zoloft. Lol. I think these thoughts are perfectly normal for someone who's been through all that you have endured. It's too bad that you are experiencing this anxiety. I suspect the mammogram will be normal but you will be in my thoughts on Thursday. Try your best to forget about it until then. Try and have a good weekend.


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You will be my prayers, good vibes from Chicago, and thoughts from now till then! I haven't found a way not to be nervous for a test or scan of any kind......but I will be sending positive thoughts for good results.  ~ Ann

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Kim,  I do the very same thing, even over nothing now. 


My primary put me on .25 Klonoprin 3 times a day for generalized/ PTSD anxiety. It really takes the edge off and allows me to not over react. 


Praying for great news.  BTW...... my breast care specialist told me years ago that us small gals should NOT do regular breast exams but do a slap slap, slap slap in the shower daily,  She said we can feel our tendons, veins, ribs...... where those with large chests cannot. 

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Good luck and good vibes coming your way! I had a pet scan yesterday and will get the results in two weeks. I understand!!!


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