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Trach out

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Haven't been on here for a while,finally after 2 years I got my trach out on 2-13-13, the day before Valentines Day, I prayed about it everyday, went through the worst gruelsome rads and chemo and got to the end of the tunnell, I'm blessed. bjw1955

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bjw, so glad u got rid of ur trach!!  i have a permanent one so i know what a hassel they are.  i wish i could get rid of mine...lol.  take care and thanks 4 sharing.

God bless,


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So happy for you.  My husband had trach for 4 months and I was so happy when they finally pulled his, so I  can't even imagine your feelings after having one as long as you have.  God bless and hope you continue to do  well!!

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this is truly a milestone!!  Everytime we lose something we gained during treatment puts us on another path back to "normal"....this is a BIG one!!


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I got my Trach june 17th and am now done with chemo and radiation as of Oct 29th. But they say they want to wait until my first pet scan before they take it out... and i'm soooo ready for it to be out. I have even used the close off insert to see if i even need it to breathe and i don't. It's just there.. i needed it at first for a month or so and then not now, It gave me trouble in radiation big time and now since im home its just annoying as can be. hurts sometimes too. 


Glad you got yours out,

I also would love insight on what it is like for the healing period after taking it out, whats it like?






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I only had one for 2 weeks while in the hospital. Hated the trach and so glad when it came out. I recall being surpised that the hole healed completely up in just a couple of days. If you feel strongly, that you are ready, be persistent in asking your doctor why it can't come out now. One of 2 things will happen, it will come out or you will have an understanding and hopefully acceptance as to why it's still in there.


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