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Erbitux and Irenotecan did the trick for me

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I just saw the liver surgeon this morning, I am off of chemo for the next 5 weeks, and then off to surgery.

I am very excited, just a few weeks ago I quit the chemo because it was hurting my liver (blood results) and would have rathered died from slow cancer then quicker liver failure, onc talked me back on it, took a PT/CT scan, the tumor that had a SUV of gross metabolic activity of 23.3 and was 3 cm's has completely resolved (gone), two liver tuMors hav also disappeared, and the remaining two have shrunk and metabolic SUV activity has ceased.  Same with lungs, still an active two of them in my thorax, but they have shrunk and activity has decreased remarkably.

so a glorious 5 weeks of NO chemo!!

Happy dance time, Again!

Winter Marie


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I am happy dancing right along with you. That is fantastic news! I remember how disappointed you were when the last surgery was cancelled. Well, it's back on and I couldn't be happier for you. Isn't it funny, in this crazy world of cancer, how we become joyous over the possibility of liver surgery. Most people would not consider liver surgery to be good news. In this group, surgery is something to celebrate.



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Yes, that last time was a bitter disappointment, I doubted I would get to see surgery again, I'm so happy that was not the case.

thanks for dancing along, it's always more fun with a crowd!

Winter Marie

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oh Winter Marie....you are so wonderful.....you just keep keeping on......so proud of you....so happy for you....well done...

what a fabbie top up for my Friday nite....puttin on jams and thinking about you girl!!!! hug


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Iforgoing to put on my fave Jammie's of little kitties designs and snug back on the couch with one of my doggies and just beam, thanks for the idea.

Thank you Mags, just for being you!

Winter Marie

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I trust that’s a “NAKED” happy dance that I’m doing along with you?


(I hope so, otherwise my neighbors won’t drop the charges)





Babe, you have almost convinced me that Chemo is a good thing!


Keep on truckin’!



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That'll be the day when you start believing in chemo, LOL.

Love at you,

Winter Marie

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your courage and perserverance is inspiring.  You hung in there when the going got tough.  Enjoy a wonderful five week break without the chemo and don't stop that dancing. Wink -- Cynthia 


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Cynthia I just keep chugging along somehow, and I will, I promise, dance a lot these n next few weeks!

Wintwr Marie

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That is such wonderful news and you have much to celebrate.  So glad you decided to go back on it because you now know that they were producing some good results.  You have such great spirit and drive.  Hope your college classes are still doing well.  Haven't been on board lately so if you were still going, I'm hoping you are doing great.  Good news.


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Yes, still in college, hope to graduate this spring if all goes well (have to pass one math class) with an associates degree then onto four year college!

thank you Kim for your well wishes, they mean a lot.

Winter Marie

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You go girl. I'm so proud of you and you keep that spirit that has driven you so far.  You, dear girl, has showed that anyone no matter age or circumstance can get anyone down.  You are a perfect example of someone who can succeed.  My blessings on your "everything" you achieve and desire Laughing

Hugs!  Kim

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That's been my Dynamic Duo for years. Very glad to hear it's helping you too.


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Phil, that's why I didn't fear it too much, hopefully it will work again if the need be, it's because you have been on it so long that gives me that hope, and gave me the hope I would do well on it, even if I couldn't get surgery.  Thanks for being here and encouraging others with your experiences!

Winter Marie

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I am so happy for you and I know it must be great to be off the chemo.  In my tx I only had chemo for a grand total of 96 hours per week and 2 weeks was it.  I had anal cancer.  Then lung but not a met.  I had that resolved with vats.  So far so good for both.

So your next step is surgery and then new healthy liver will grow back, that is great news.






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fighting_ big_c
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Happy dancing with you and the great news. Stay positive !

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Congratulations!!!  I'm so happy for you and love to hear of these successes.  


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That is such awesome news. You are a true fighter. You deserve the break and the opportunity to fight some more. Enjoy your break and do the happy dance e ery morning.

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I Never get tired of good news.

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Dear Winter, I am so very happy for this wonderful news.

You are an inspiration to all.  Your story,from the beginning, gives hope to all.

Wishing you very successful surgery and speedy recovery.  In the mean time, keep on being the incredible YOU!

Hugs and love,

Marie who loves kitties

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Great to hear happy news. You just dont's know about cancer. You can be so down one minute, then get great news that can lift you up! Very happy for you!


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It shows hope can still hang on there pretty good!

spent today at a family picnic basking in the good news.  

Winter Marie

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And best of results with surgery. You are an inspiration .....Happy Dancing in Chicago!!! ~ Ann

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Enjoy thie dance, Great news.   Irenotecan and erbitux worked for George also he is stabLe now CEA 1.3 and still dropping. His scans are good for now. He is just on vectibix, however, this is giving him a horrible breakout and his fingers n toes r cracking.  He will go to once a month in May n a lower dose. Maybe by end of may he will get some peace.

Hugs George & Dyan

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HiHit here there.   I have the same.  Breakouts and the cracking.  Try keep up the moisturiser. But ouch do they hurt when u knock them.   I've been going 2 1/2 nearly 3 yeas.  Results of scan Tomorrow.   Praying tumours in lung shrinking!

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We are soooo happy for you!   It is good to hear Great News!!!


Sending Happy Thoughts and Prayers!

Best Always,  mike

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how you were doin'  That particular combo quit working for Robert; thus migrating over to the trial.  Whatcha' gonna do for five weeks with no chemo?  

Dancin' this morning in my jammies and raising my coffee cup.  I am so happy for you. Enjoy your break, Winter.


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What wonderful news.  Good job.  Congratulations.  I told you this chemo was a tough one but works quite well.  So happy it worked out well for you.  Enjoy the next five weeks. 

Love and Hugs - Tina

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I plan on not thinking about my cancer, only have one doc's appt. which is in 3 weeks at surgeons for a final contrast scan (the reason I didn't get last surgery too much showed up).

So will be spending time getting school work done, hoping to graduate ethics spring if I get statistics done in time!  So for me, school work school work, and more school work!

The freedom of not having weekly chemo and bi-weekly doc visits just seems so wonderful to me right now!

Thank you all for sharing in my happy dance and joy.


Winter Marir

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what GREAT news this are.

So happy with you. Enjoy the break and keep going!

A big hug from Germany




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Happy for you!


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Woo Hoo!  Enjoy your 5 weeks of freedom and the knowledge that you are moving along in a positive direction!



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what great news!  I'm very happy for you, Winter.   You've been through an awful lot, and deserve a break.  And getting to have surgery is a BFD, huge step in the right direction.  Big hugs!  AA

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Good going girl Laughing !!!     I have been wondering how you were doing.  

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So happy for you - enjoy!

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I am so happy to hear this, Winter Marie! I just had the feeling you would knock it back down again, and love that you have and that you are going to have surgery. This is such great news. Best wishes for you and enjoy your time off of chemo.


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