Hey friends, my biopsy was today!!!

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Alright! So today definitely was a whirlwind of emotions.


The biopsy went perfectly, did not have to dig into a lot. I am very tired from all the IV stuff they put in me to make me sleepy.

We will have answers as soon as Wednesday! I was under the impression that I would find out today. But I guess there are certain

signs of Cancer/Lymphoma that you can see under slides just by looking at them once. And I am assuming that is what happend?

Thats what my family keeps saying. That its "good news"? So it's the waiting game yet again. I am in alot of pain and I am kind of

grumpy. I am not a grumpy person so this'll be an interesting night. But I am driving up with my boyfriend to his families lake house

for the weekend to take my mind off of everything and for some R&R so that will be nice! :)



Thanks again for all your prayers and happy thoughts, it was what helped me through today!

I will keep you posted when I get any news from my Doctor next week! Have a great weekend guys!



xoxo Manda


  • DadysGirl
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    Manda, wishing you clean

    Manda, wishing you clean happy results... Grumpy is accepted here I hear.. ;/

    Lots of luv..