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Anyone know anything about juicing? 

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I'm not sure what information you're seeking, but this is what I know.  Juicing of leafy greens is great.  It gives us a lot of nutrients in an easy, potent form.  However, juicing fruits or starchy vegetables, including carrots and beets, isn't a good way for us to obtain nutrients.  These juices contain concentrated amounts of sugars, which ovarian cancer is especially sensitve to.  If you choose to juice leafy greens, it is advisable to add lemon juice or vinegar, some form of acid, and let the juice sit for 15 minutes before drinking.  Leafy greens contain oxalic acid, which blocks the absorbsion of nutrients.  Therefore the oxalic acid needs to be released, either by cooking or soaking in an acid, before consuming the juice or raw leaves.

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Dr. Andrew Weil:  "I certainly wouldn't avoid spinach or other leafy greens because of the oxalic acid effect. Spinach has a lot to offer nutritionally: it's an excellent source of folic acid, potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamin K, carotenes, vitamin C and lutein, important for healthy eyes."

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My husband and I juice some.  It was his idea really.  We have a Breville juicer which removes all of the fiberous tissue.  I am not sure about that because you lose all of the fiber benefits of what you are grinding up but do still get the vitamins etc.   I do have to add a disclaimer that  I am not sure I buy into a lot of the juicing hype.  I thnk we can gain (or lose in the case of pounds!) most of the same things by just eating smart!  But having said that - 

My husband is a Type I (insulin dependent) diabetic so he has to watch his sugar/carb intake anyway so we have not done any of the fruit based juices.  After a little of experimenting here is what we put in our standard vegetable type juice:

Tomatoes - a couple depending on size etc

Carrots - 1 or two

Baby Spinach (a little less bitter than Kale and similar benefits) - about a hand full  

Chard - one leaf is usually enough unless you get a small one then I add more

Celery - 1 to 2 stalks

Lemon, lime and or garlic - this is mostly for enhanced flavor.  I do 1 lemon and garlic.  My husband does a lime then adds tabasco before he drinks it.  

This makes a pretty generous sized glass (amount of juice you get varies of course). We chill really well beore drinking.  

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