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I see Dr. Mon. For second appinion

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I am very thankful My test came back no Cancer.But glad I listen to the advice from some of you.When I went to my Cancer Dr.she read over report from biopsies.She said he dint get very deep for biopsies.So their could be Cancer under the mass.I want be going back to that gastroligist.I will be going to a different one this Monday and see what he says.Like you know don't want to worry if not needed.But don't want to let it get to far.I am still in a lot of pain.I will post when I find out more.Thanks again.

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Hi ppurdin, i am glad that the biopsy came back benign, that is very good news for you!


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You're very wise to seek a second opinion. We can't be too careful where our health is concerned.

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It's great that you are going to get a second opinion.  I'm glad when my second "opinion" doctor gave me a different direction and I'm so glad he is my surgeon.  Definitely worth it.  Good luck and hope you get a better doctor.  Better find out why it hurts so much though, I'd really be searching my doctors for answers on that question.  You shouldn't be in that much pain with no answer.  Hope you get your answers soon and good luck.


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Best to you. -- Cynthia

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