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Just have to share

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I'm extremely fortunate to be able to meet so many teal sisters through my connection with my naturopath and the retreats she holds for women with cancer.  At the March retreat, she presented the treatment plans of a few volunteers, who were attending the retreat.  These women were here to learn about cancer and to become patients of my naturopath.  The first woman's case was disconcerting.  She is stage IV ovca, and has been fighting this with chemo for quite awhile.  My naturopath did not mince words and suggested that if things deteriorated, the patient should consider getting some assitance from hospice.  She was also instructed to change her living situation, which is very stressful for her, and to follow a specific diet and supplement program.  Since the retreat, this woman has followed the treatment plan to a T.  And today, she reports that despite the fact that she's had to discontinue receiving chemo treatments, due to their impacts to her bone marrow, her CA-125 has dropped almost in half and the other markers my naturopath puts a lot of weight on are also dropping.  I am so blessed to witness these miracles first hand, and to know there is always hope. 

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i think the next retreat is in May. Not sure i could maker that one. When is the next one after May? How much is the cost? Are you considered her pt won e you go to the retreat? Are they in Colorado? 

Sorry for so many questions. 



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The ones after May are in June, in San Francisco, and in August, in Colorado.  Once you attend a retreat, you are an established patient, and follow ups can be done by phone.  I'll send you the other information you requested in a PM. 

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Thank you for sharing these inspirational stories of hope and courage!


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