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Nathan - Thinking of you

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I just wanted to start a new post to let you know we are thinking of you and standing with and beside you.

Big hugs - Jim

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Me too Nathan...

No matter how sad we all feel right now, we also know you'regoing to get into remission... Then off to celebration with burritos...

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Good idea Jim.......a new page for a new battle.  You can't lose Nathan, you've got a big army behind you!

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thinking of you buddy, we're here for you. Take care 



Anonymous user (not verified)

This truly has been a trying week in more ways than one, as my wonderful grandma died on Tuesday morning. I had been hoping to go and visit her, but have always been held back because of my blood counts lately. Cancer kept the two of us apart-- neither she could travel, nor could I.

Of course, following the next day with bad scan results just exasterbated all of the turmoil. I hated to release that news, as I really wanted to have something good to say.. to lift everyones spirits. Heck-- even here, good scan results give us all a cheeky boost. I love hearing that good news.

I'm certainly not having a meltdown here or anything, I am feeling very centered and accepting of what's on my plate, as that's all I can do. I'm more worried for my family members juggling who knows how many negative situations at once. I think many of you guys have felt the same in the past, or right now!

I know somehow I will achieve remission. Apparently the cancer I enjoy on a daily basis is a tricky one. All I hope is that they learn something from me, and maybe someone else dealt a similar hand can have more successful treatment :) I hope lymphoma treatment in the future can consist of a single shot to the rear, and a big smily face sticker to wear on the way out.

Thanks for all the support.. I'm still waiting to find out what my doctor thinks regarding the treatment plan, but I know I'll be here to discuss it when I find out!



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I'm sorry about your Grandma...

Proud of you Nathan... 

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So sorry to hear about your grandmother, I am certain that she is up there heading up your guardian angel army and getting them ready for battle. Knowing that there is never a right thing to say at a time like this, I should know better by now and keep silent; but I must let you know that I am thinking of you and would be willing to take any of the pain from you.

I have told my friends and family that I will take this disease 9 times, If none of them ever had to suffer from it.

I second the shot in the rear and big smiley face sticker, only I would probably add a inappropriate finger or somethin on mineLaughing.

just know that you have many praying for your health and atleast one who admits that their words are sometimes something that should be more of a silent thought. Since my cancer diagnosis, I however lost my filter that goes with my thoughts.



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Hi Nathan,

I'm so sorry about the loss of your grandmother, and about your cancer coming back. I haven't been on the site for awhile, too fatigued by my new chemo regimen. But today I was thinking about you and wondering how your recovery was going, and am very sad to know that your back to needing a treatment plan.

My treatment plan is up in the air too, will depend on the scan I have on Wed next week. If it's good, I go for the SCT. They wanted to go with a donor, but it ends up I'm of a very rare genetic make up so they don't think we'll find a match. I only have 1/2 siblings, so while they're getting tested, we're not hopeful of a match. So we may go auto afterall. If my scan is not good, then we're looking at clinical trials. The lymphoma I have may not be chemo sensitive.

It seems we are both struggling with finding the right treatment. I hope your docs figure it out quickly for you. And I hope they're keeping you comfortable. You've been through so much. It just isn't fair that the SCT didn't work for you.

I know that one way or another we'll get through this and get to that place remission. The road is just a challenging one.



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Hi Liana have been thinking of you as well.  My ex had SCT last Thursday. The side effects were more intense than he expected. our daughter has been with him but she is just 18....I am taking our son and flying to Texas tomorrow to giver her some help.  Keep us posted. We are all praying for you guys!!!  

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Hi Nathan how are you and your family doing...just wanted you to know we are thinking of you...How is your pain is it manageable with medication... Please take care of yourself and know you are in our thoughts andprayers...

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Hey Nathan,

  Me too...wondering how things are going for you. Hope all is "do-able" and you are doing ok with little discomfort. Hope to hear from you soon. best wishes and positive thoughts coming your way. Sue  (FNHL-2-3A-6/10-age62)

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So sorry to hear about what you've been going through! Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way, sounds like your attitude is great & that goes a long way! I think most of us are in the same boat, worrying more about our parents/family dealing with our health issues vs handling it ourselves. I'm still in limbo without a diagnosis, but I know I'm ready to handle whatever comes my way no matter what it is. My concern is for what my family is going through.

Take care of yourself!!  Sherry

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