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squamous cell carcinoma of bladder

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My dad was diagnosed with this type of cancer in Augusr and we were told it is a rare aggressive type usually contracted by people in eygpt or south America by swimming in dirty waters.i don't understand why my dad got this as he has never been outside of Europe. I'm shell shocked by what has happened. He had to have both his bladder and colon removed and part of his pelvis. He then had a biopsy which showed he was clear. Then 3 months later it has come back more aggressive than ever.  They've told him there is nothing they can do and he has a matter of days. I'm devastated and want to know why my dad got this. He had never smoked and lived a healthy life. Apparently only about 7% of bladder cancers are squamous cell,  so why him! I need answers! He was bitten by a dog a year or two before, could this have cause the cancer? Does anyone know where I can seek answers?  My dad is my best friend and I love him so much. He was only 65 when diagnosed, it's too young to die and I deserve at least another 20 years! I hate cancer!

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I'm new here and have been learning to deal with my bladder cancer over the last 16 months. I cannot answer your questions nor calm your heartfelt frustration. I can tell you that I learned a lot by reading the information on this site about bladder cancer. It doesn't have all the answers but it was good information presented in direct terms.

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I am sorry about your father.  I understand completely the frustration. I have cancer in my bladder and have no risk factors for bladder cancer. Plus my bladder cancer is so rare as it started in my bladder wall. Nobody seems to know what I really have and I am not a candidate for bladder removal.  I have found little info on my type of bladder cancer nor on signet cell cancer which I know I have but am not sure if this is in addition to or part of the bladder caner.  I'll never know where I got it. was it because of several pelvic surgeries I had a few years ago? was it because my boyfriend smoked? something I ate?  it really doesn't matter.  There are so many toxins in the world AND when the cancer is rare it is so isolating. My thoughts are with you.


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Hi Claire I have a rare cancer also........I have gallbladder cancer found predominently in Asia and England and I live in Florida.  I am so sorry to hear that you have a rare bladder cancer because I know you can't seem  to get any answers from your Doctors or on line when you are diagnosed with a rare cancer. I chose to have a posative attitude and know that I will be fine.  My chances of living this past year were very bleak...I have a 7% chance of living 5 years and beyond.  I know I will make it and that is the only way to get through this.  My surgeon said we are all walking around not knowing when it will be our last day.  Being diagnosed with cancer kind of stops you in your tracks.  You have an opportunity to live each day as your last and really live.  I wish you peace and happiness.


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