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Weekly Chemo Visit

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Had my weekly trip to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA), my home away from home. Two things:

Creatinine: My creatinine level was high. Creatinine is a kidney tests and the docs thought I was dehydrated. So I got hours of fluids IV. (Will pee every hour all night.) I can't think that I drank that much less fluids. Nevertheless, I will also increase fluid intake until I figure it out.

Because of the high creatinine, I did not receive Taxol (the actual anti-cancer drug). This is the second week in a row not getting Taxol. Usually, you get Taxol two weeks and then get off Taxol for a week.

I have mixed feelings about missing Taxol. It's great because I am not as fatigued after missing it. But I'm not getting the “full treatment”.

I am still getting Erbitux, which is a helper drug. More about the drugs later.

All patients get “breaks” in the weekly Taxol injections.

Also my calcium was too high. The fix here is easy: just cut back on the daily supplements. It had been dangerously low for weeks; now too high. Figure. I'm sure we will get it right in the near future.Rick.

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Sorry you are not getting your Taxol, but it is not over yet.


After getting up to pee at night over the past year, I am getting some all nighters in.  I am still drinking gallons of water.  I had to go on an inspection job yesterday and when I got home I counted 6 pee breaks throughout the day (what a bladder).


How is the Erbitux treating you?  Good enough I hope.


I hope your creatinine and calcium fall back in line and your treatments give you full benefit.



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At least the over load of calcium is an easy fix....hopefully all the fluids you got via IV will flush your kidneys, so you can get your next Taxol....I know that would stress me out.  Weird huh?  When the chemo arrives and we can take it fine, we hate being so darn tired.....get to miss a couple of weeks, and start feeling good....we have to stress not getting.....no win situation.

Sending positive thoughts and prayers that next week when you're feeling REALLY good, they give you your Taxol so you can set your mind at ease.


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I'm glad to hear they are watching those labs closely.  Dang things can change up so quickly with chemo.  Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers....and sending you hugs !   Katie 

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Thanks for responding. I have a mature prostrate and have not slept thru the night for over a decade. With chemo, I seldom sleep much over 2 hours without a bathroom break. However, it takes no time at all to fall back to sleep. I do hope I can get all the blood tests in line and start Taxol again.  Rick.

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Well at least your prostrate is mature, mine is "immature" and wants to cause "dribbling" from time to time...grow up!!  Laughing

Hope you get back on track soon, good to hear from you.


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Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you today, and I too hope you get back on the taxol soon too.

Today Dan and I will be walking a cancer walk, that was named after a friend of his that died of cancer 11 years ago.. we will be walking on the beach... and I am going to say a prayer for you along that route.

Hope today is a good day for you!


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jim and i
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Saying a special prayer for you.


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rick, sorry u've missed 2 of ur treatments and praying u start getting them again soon.

God bless,


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Just wanted to give you a shout out Rick...

Keep up the fight...


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Thinking positive thoughts for you!

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Hi Rick, welcome to the high creatinine club, my creatinine remains high from the chemo, unfortunately a side effect can be some damage to the kidneys. I did complete my full rounds of chemo and I live with the damage to the kidneys. The number can really fluctuate depending on a lot of things, diet, medications etc. You must stay away from steroids and no CT's with contrast. The other number they look at with kidneys is the egfr, normal for this 60. Normal for creatinine is 0.7-1.3. Make sure the docs stay on top of this, looked after the kidneys will endure. Denis

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