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My husband was diagnosed Sept 10, 2012 of stage 4 EC that mets in stomach and liver. The cancer dr said she cant cure but help prolong as long as he is willing to fight she will help him and do all she do. He has done 20 rounds of chemo and has had 2 pet scans. Second pet showed the cancer in the liver had grown, so the chemo treatment changed. Has one more round of chemo next week then a week off. Next pet scan is the first week in May. He is a fighter. Luckly he has had no bad side affects from the chemo. And cont to work when he fills up to it. He is a truck driver, but just local. He is 53. Visiting with other caregivers and sharing, would be so good. some times i feel so alone.

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Welcome to our group. I remember when I was first diagnosed with esophageal cancer; I felt very isolated. Many of my friends and my wife’s friends were very sympathetic and supportive at first, but as time went by and we could no longer participate is many of the social activities we used to be a part of because of the side effects from my chemotherapy and surgery, we saw less and less of them. We didn’t blame them. Their lives go on and esophageal cancer treatment lasts for a long time.

Through this group I discovered a whole new support group of people who understand what it is like to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy and the anxiety that goes along with periodic scans and the wait for the results. We understand how difficult it is for a caregiver to have their life consumed by treatment appointments and periodic trips to the emergency room. We are here to celebrate with you when you get good news and support you when the news is not so good. I am glad your husband’s chemo is going well from a side effect perspective. He is lucky to have you at his side during these difficult times.

 Best Regards,

Paul Adams

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Hi ,

I am fairly new to the group too, my husband also has stage iv EC, we had a PET scan last week and will meet on Monday with the cancer team. I am anxious to know what lies ahead, My husband has been on chemo , different regimens for a year now. At times the primiary decreased and now we will find out if it has raised its ugly head again.

EC is a nasty cancer and although some people are so in favour of having surgery .. kudos to them, but at stage iv, that is often not an option as was the case for us. The patient and caregiver have to be super strong to survive the wrath of the beast called cancer. Stage iv is incurable and at best we can hope and pray our husbands lives will be prolonged and the quality of life will be reasonable.

I am trying to cherish day to day the special moments we have together as a couple. We will celebrate 33 years married next month, not sure if we will reach the next one.


Listen closely to others who are walking with stage iv, stage 1 & 2 have different stories than us.

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