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Just an update

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Hi everyone,

Sorry I have been MIA for a while...nothing dramatic going on, just life. 

We did change chemo to eribulin.  I've had two injections, so far fatigue is the worst.  I sleep an extra 5-6 hours on the days following the injections.  I was surprised to find that it is just a small vial of medicine, not a bag and hours of IV drip.  I spend most of my time waiting for the pharmacy to mix the meds.  It's too early to tell if it's working...putting out my good mojo for that.

I did have another blood transfusion (low red blood cells) and I'm on magnesium now because it's low too.  We watch both those closely with weekly blood tests, even when it's not a chemo week.

My new kitten, Annie, has made a big difference.  When she's awake, she is fiesty and fearless.   Then she gets tired and literally falls over, a minute later she is asleep.  She has already doubled in size in the month we've had her...love that girl!

Gotta go, open house at my daughter's school tonight.  I love you guys.  Thank you for being here for me through thick and thin.




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I am sending positive thoughts your way!


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I hope it works for you, sending positive thoughts.  I know now what fatigue is, I do my share of sleeping.  Your little pal sounds delightful, kittens are so cute, funny and when they are tired, they just curl up with you.




Lynn Smith
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Joined: Mar 2011

Thinking of you and pray your're better soon.Hope the chemo kicks in for you.I know someone fighting another cancer and the chemo is kicking her tail.It's not something we want to go though but we want it to work.Trying so many new meds are hard on us.

Prayers and Thoughts to you.   

Oh and I bet your kitten is a cutie.I have cats and 2 dogs.I Love Animals. 

Lynn Smith

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This was a good one for me, until my body started getting infections and I had to go off it. But I was on for 11 months and it certainly slowed growth. wish you the best as always linda.


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I am so glad that you have Annie, your new little baby.  There is nothing like a kitten to perk a household up Smile

Praying the eribulin knocks your cancer to the curb.  Sending big hugs and lots of prayers!

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BIG hugs, dearest!!!


Hugs, Kathi

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Thinking of you!  :) 

Have a wonderful weekend!!

New Flower
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Joined: Aug 2009

Sorry that blood counts needed a boost and transfusion 

Your kitten sounds wonderful thanks for your comment on shingle topic I will probably ask you more questions later as currently I feel awful


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Gentle hugs and prayers continue going in your direction, Sweet Sister.  Carry on - with your head held high dear one. 

Shingles, blood count issues --  continued Strength and Courage, I  can not even imagine. 


Hope, Love and Strength.

Vicki Sam



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God Bless you Linda, you seem to just glow with positive energy with all your postings... Stay strong, Stay positive.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.... Kathy

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I was wondering how you were doing.  Hadn't seen you comment in some time.  So glad you are doing good.

What did you name the kitty?  I'm a cat person myself.  Love em.   

Stay positive.  I already know you are strong!   

Love heading your way


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Bella Luna
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Joined: Aug 2009

Linda... Good hearing from you.  So glad that fiesty kitten by the name of Annie keeps you smiling and laughing.  Will say a prayer that the new chemo takes care of business.

Big hugs and much love to you,


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I am keeping everything crossed that the new meds will make a difference. 

You are on my mind. So glad Annie is a source of love and laughter for you.

And I bet she makes a heck of a cuddle partner.


Lotsa hugs,


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