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i know there are many people who do not believe in God and His Son Jesus and that is your choice, of course.

i do believe in God and His Son Jesus and it is the only way my dear wife and i were able to cope with my diagonsis of prostate cancer.

6 weeks after surgery now and a PSA of .1. while good but not the greatest news. i was blessed to have many friends praying for me and my wife and

i thank each and every one of them for their prayers. i know they helped. i also know that everything is in God's hands and the outcome will be what is His will and not mine.

no one gets out of this life alive, where you spend eternity is your choice.

as for me i am choosing God and placing my trust in Him and good Christian doctors.

going thru this problem alone is a burden not many can carry.

the following site has a poem i find comforting.

my hope is this will comfort you and if you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior
you will find Him and He will comfort you too.
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I had NPC cancer 3 times and I am 7 years passed the date the doctors gave me to check out. I too believe the only reason I am still here is because God still has a work for me to do. This I know when my task on this Earth is finished He will lay me down to sleep. Through all my pain and suffering my God was right there by my side.

God Bless



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