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Drug Interactions

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I was prescribed Cymbalta by my endocrinologist today.  He tried to cover up that this is for depression by saying it is for peripheral neuropathy.   He already said that I looked depressed and wanted to help.  However, he did warn that this drug interferes with Tamoxifen.  So I looked up information about drug interaction and Tamoxifen.  It's an eye opener.

I put the link above if anyone wants to take a look see.  



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I was in rads dealing with nerve pain do to postion I knew it was a mental health drug . I turned it done . They dont like to tell you what it is used for . They gave me vicodins for the pain .

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Hi Mary, Sometimes a med that is normally prescribed for a certain condition, can be also used for another... My Grandson has migraines headaches and after trying many commonly used meds for migraines without successes, they put him ao a blood pressure med. And now he is experiencing fewer migraines and less missed school.  Did you also research the cymbulta for other uses?...  I hope the med works to help the peripheral neuropathy pain.  God Bless, Kathy

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