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Need some more prayers and opinions

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Dad is home from rehab and doing pretty good.  He needs 24/7 care so it is hard since it is only mom and I.  Home health has yet to be useful.


Dad will see his oncologist on the 30th, when he was in rehab they found two spots on his lung.  Can not remember where.  They said his lungs sound terrible. 

Do you think the oncologist will let dad continue with chemo since he had the stroke?  According to the other doctors he is strong and improving and dad is ready to go again.  He has been one of the lucky ones that has never had to much trouble with treatments.

Say a couple of prayers that he will be given the ok to go back to battle and that he responds as well as before.







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I'm sorry but I can't help with your medical questions but I'm sure someone on here will try to help . I will keep your Dad in my prayers , that he will respond well to whatever treatments they decide on .


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sending prayers ur way! 

God bless,


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Hi Kathy !

I hope this helps....with my mom she continued w/chemo after her stroke...and also had a huge seizure in between. Mom was the one to make the decission w/the onc. to continue.  She was a fighter just like your Dad.  My prayers continue, hugs sent to all !   Katie

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Don't let the word scare you because it isn't as we used to know it but you might want to ask about hospice for temporary help at home. My Mom has been on & off hospice while remaining in independent living.  When we 1st heard the word, we freaked out until it was explained that it now has new meaning. People can be part of the program for long periods of time or be on and off of it. My Mom had it until they said she progressed enough not to qualify any longer. Just a thought if you & your Mom need help.

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Prayers are easy....you definitely have mine for your father...


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