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Other Physicians Than Oncologists

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I was wondering what others' doctor's lists are like, as far as who they regularly see for general health.  I have been to my ENT doctor for my annual thyroid check (either sonagram or needle aspiration biopsy) and my GP (because they supply my bp pills as well as thyroid meds.) 

I have not yet returned to the OB-GYN people -- where my journey first began.  I am now missing even more of the parts they check due to the double mastectomy (last year) as well as a hysterectomy (age 31). 

At this point, I still see the oncologist every three months, the radiation oncologist once a year (subject to being dropped next time), and the surgeon every six months.  I see the GP when I need prescription re-fills.  I see the ENT annually.

Any advice . . . suggestions . . .?

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I only see the physicians I need to see, one time I had seven.  However, I cut 4 of them.  One left the country to practice in another country, so that one was easy.  I have still 3 for active disease, oncologist, primary care and uveitis specialist.  The other three I can see when I need them.  No use for a regular appointment when I have so many appointments with oncology at this time.  

Don't want to spend my life in waiting rooms.

Hope this helps.



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Double Whammy
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I've been out of treatment for 2 1/2 years now and my cancer related visits are now every 6 months. 

Medical oncologist - every 6 months; NP in surgical oncology for breast exams - every 6 months; mammogram - once a year; breast MRI -once a year.

Gyn oncologist - every 6 months (this is endomerial cancer followup)

Primary care physician - as needed.  I get my vitals done at all of the other appointments, as well as CBC and comprehensive panel, so if there's anything wierd going on with just about anything, I'm pretty well covered.  If I get sick or have concerns about other things, I'll go to my PCP.

It feels really good to have so few doctor appointments anymore.  I had my last visit with radiation oncologist in December.  I can see her any time I want to, but why would I want to?  Enough already.  Im starting to relax and feel more secure.


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Like the others, I only see the docs I need to.  Since I'm in active treatment, I see my onc about once every other month.  (I can talk on the phone anytime, or email too.)  I see my PCP ENTor the for my ears (a problem since whole brain rads), I have a nurse for my open wound that we check once in a while.  I no longer have to see the rads onc.  Then I see the eye doc (a problem since shingles).  That is more than enough for me.  I hope this helps you.



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I have a PA I see every few months when I need a new prescription for my diabetis. He is ex military and doesn't believe in beating around the bush so I like him. Then there is my surgeon who I've been seeing about once a week since I just had surgery 3 weeks ago and I will miss seeing her when this is all done. She is a great physician and a fantastic surgeon and a wonderful person.. My oncologist I see about once a month and she has been right on with everything and I like her a lot too. tThe new addition is the radioligist who I have just seenon Tuesdsay but will see 5 days a week for 6 weeks when the rad therapy starts. He seems like a grea t guy and answered every question I had about rads to my satidfaction, otherwise I would not have gone ahead with it.

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