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OK, I'm totally cornfused...

First, Jeff is NED (twice...a minute apart), then Mike says he is NED, and then to top it off..., Dan says he is NED....

Are you guys all related, is this NED, and my other two brothers, NED and NED....

You guys aren't related to George Foreman in any way are you, LOL...

Either way...ummmm, NED.

I just want to wish each of you continued success....

JG ~also NED... (a distant (Florida)) brother, by another...cool

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Dan's results read No Evidence of any Reoccurant Disease.

Yep, that's NERD in my book!

Yet I am assuming NED and NERD are twins :) or maybe quadruplets?

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Posts: 8286
Joined: Sep 2009

Well he doesn't look like just your ordinary NERD, but of course that could be a NERD named NED..., wow, too many N's...., LOL.

But if being NED means I'm also NERD, just call me NERDiffin, LOL...



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Glad NERDS are welcome too. All that waiting, such a pain to get such great news.

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I say Cool Beans to the NED's! ...best wishes to Jeff, Jeff, and Mike. Are they twins with the same name? How do you tell them apart? ...Tongue Out 

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...we'd all be NED.



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