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NED after 4 years!

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I got the word yesterday that my recent CT scan showed NED!  It's been a very long and rough ride, but those of you who are in the "Battle zone" right now should know that this is a winnable fight for a large majority of HNC patients and their caregivers.  The new-normal of cancer survival is well worth the fight.

While I didn't find this site until 2+ years after treatments were over, it has been a real source of strength and support--my only hope is that I can give the same to those who are knee-deep in the fight right now.

I still have a few things to check off on my Cancer Revenge List, but hope do get those things done before my 5th NED anniversary.


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Awesome news...woohoo...


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How goes the battle with ORN?

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Congratulations Mike! Get that Revenge and enjoy everyday!


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congrats!!  i'm dancing a jig 4 u...lol.  Laughing

God bless,


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Mike that is so good to hear ! Congratulations on 4 years NED !!!! I hope I get to say the same thing in 4 years ! Thanks for posting !


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That's great news.



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Best news ever, Mike!!  This is turning into another good NED week, it appears.  Congratulations.....I LOVE NED!!


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Wonderful news!!!!!

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Awesome news...congrats! 

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Thanks for sharing your victory. Yes, it does give us New Peeps a great sense of HOPE! 

Wishing you many, many more of these NED's.


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What great news.  Not only for you but for all who are in the battle.  What a ride, so many ups and downs, especially at first.  Wonderful to see survivors that are ready for the next stage of life where cancer no longer defines us.  Go!

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Four years NED that is fantastic!


Many more years,



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Thanks for the reply posts--they are much appreciated.  People who come here often now recognize the cycle that starts with "Just diagnosed...." and ends one of two ways, "My warrior has fallen..." or "Just got NED..."   Because of that, NED is bittersweet--those of us who get NED know that we have survived something that others have not, even when they fought has hard as we did.

I have never asked why I got cancer.  "**** happens" is the best answer I could come up with if I had to.  But many times I have wondered why I am still here while others, like my next door neighbor and a very lovely man, did not make it.

Those who are in the battle, hang in there--this is a survivable disease for many, and life after cancer is well worth what you are going through right now.



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We have been here a long time, 3 years for me.  I'm so happy for your NED news and happier that you have such a positive attitude on this mess we have all gone or are going through.

I have been NED for 2 years and am now having some teeth, jaw issues, but like you said, there is life after cancer and is well worth the effort.  so I am teeing it up to get through this current crap and get on with a happy life.  Keep posting, your attitude is infectious.

all the best,


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First of all congrads on the NED !  Wink And I absolutely agree with your remarks on outcomes.  Some days I feel like we're in a duck shoot.....but we all need to stay positive and upbeat and just live as normal as possible.  I'm so happy with your news though !   Katie 

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Thanks, Mike, for your message.  I am starting radiation in about a week and it is very encouraging to hear from someone who has been through it and and now is NED after 4 years.  I appreciate that you took the time to post your message.


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great news



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That is amazing news, I am so happy for you. 

I want to be just like you when I grow up!


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Very good news and happy for you.



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Thank you for the encouraging post. Hearing about 4 years NED is the positive I needed to help me through the next battle.


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It's your experience along with many others on here that help out us newbies...I'm 15 months out NED, but I still think I am on the new end of things....and to hear you, Hawk, Skiffin, Hondo, Pat and so many others stories really does encourage ...so thanks to you and all the others for sharing and staying on this site ...



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Always like to hear the encouraging news, even though I'm "knee deep in the battle" for a couple of years now. Keep it NED! Rick.

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Thanks for posting...great to hear long term survival stories!  Ann

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wild willy
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thats great news.hope things keep going that way. just had my 3 yr ct this morning. guess i'll know for sure mon. when i see my cancer dr. i have every confidence i'm ned

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