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Jeff is NED!!

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Had PET scan Monday and saw Rad doc yesterday got the all "CLEAR" Thank God. We go back in 4 months. We see ENT tomorrow and chemo doc next week. I think it's overkill to see everyone (copays stink) but i guess better be safe than sorry.

Thank you everyone for helping us through this. I will definity pay it fowards.


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Oh I'm just so SO happy for you both!!  Those co-pays are worth their weight at this juncture of the time scheme, no such thing as overkill during the first year out. 

Isn't a NED call just about the best thing going these days???  I love my own, and everybody elses!!

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sue, super duper news!!  i agree w/p, better safe than sorry.  i understand about the copays tho.  they can get expensive.  for now enjoy the good news.  celebrate, u deserve it.  do a little dance while ur at it.

God bless,


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Awesome news! So happy for you Sue and Jeff. Hope you are dancing through the house tonight.

Keep up the great work!

Kari ;)

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Such good news to hear, congratulations.


Now relax and keep healing.



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Awesome on the all clear...

As for overkill, rather that than underkill...right?

Also, each of those MD's have their area of expertise..., so where one might potentially miss something, hopefully another would catch it.



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NED is always good to hear. Do a happy dance and celebrate this MAJOR win.

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Congratulations to Jeff on his NED! Glad to hear your news and thanks for sharing your victory.


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