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brain surgery

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My daughters brain surgery went very well, a BIG  thank you to those who PM-ed me, they found more then expected, but were able to fix the problem.

But still NO guarantee. We take it, pain reduced allready and that is a good sign.

My self, I had my CT scan yesterday, and like all of us nervously waiting for the results. I have not been feeling well lately

but think it might be all the stress I have been under from my daughters problem with her Trigiminial nerve from her MS.

CEA has always been a good marker for me, but it was elevated and I think it might be because of consistent Bladder infections, hopefully it is that. Nextweek I will know more.

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Surgeries all around it seems.

I'm so glad that your daughter has responded to the surgery - such a relief for you all.

My wife's younger brother just had a heart attack....but it was caught in time...he's in surgery about now after a long day of delays.  Supposed to be a triple bypass. He's never had surgery so that's a pretty big one to get acquainted with right off the bat.  We're hoping all goes well.

Best of luck with your scan results.

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sending positive thoughts...~ Ann

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It is stressful waiting for results......and you have been through so much stress already. I am sending positive thoughts to you for good results and continued progress for your daughter. Thinking of you....~ Ann

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oh you have too much on your plate....so so much stress and then add your own scans.  I too send all best wishes and positive energy for the very best results....


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And more stress, I am so glad a lot of it was alleviated with your daughter coming through brain surgery so well, and will send positive thoughts, sparks and anything else your way that her prognosis becomes excellent.

Hopefully the stress on your body is reason for CEA rise Or the infection being the reason. Am sending you a virtual arm around your shoulder as you wait for your scan results, may they be nothing but good!

Winter Marie


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Glad to hear that the surgery went well.  Hope she will recover very soon and all is going in the right direction for her. Praying for good results for your scan as well.  It's always so tough.


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Thank you all for the hugs and love and uplifting words, sometimes I feel so alone since the death of my husband 3 years ago and my move to be closer to the kids. 

Any sympathetic word at the moment brings tears.

Craig so sorry to hear about your brother in law I wish you all well. It seems that you aalso have things to stress about most of the time.

believe it , this afternoon again we had flurries here in  Edmonton Alberta , I am llonging for sunshine.

Hugs to all,


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And still you give so much to all of us here...you are not alone because we are thinking of you even when you are not aware of it. I hope your daughter is improving and getting stronger evey day. We had a few snowflakes today also,and 7 inches of rain yesterday......I am also looking forward to sunshine. Yesteday I got a 9 week old puppy...adorable....picture on my new topic! 

I hope you do something for yourself......it doesn't have to be extreme like a puppy!

thinking of you and your daughter.....~Ann

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Sorry, I'm late with this. Just trying to catch up with posts, while I'm in "Oxycodone" land. It's the best I can do for the dang pain right now.

I didn't realize your daughter was having the surgery, but am so glad that it went well.

As for feeling crappy, I'm hoping it's a bladder infection, as you suspect. It can make you feel bad all over, but at least they can give you an antibiotic.

Take care,



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Hope your scans go equally well, and then you can all take a little breather.  Sometimes it does feel like the universe is just piling on.  Hugs and strength coming your way~AA


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