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Watchful waiting supplements

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Anyone doing Watchful waiting and taking supplements to retard growth ??

I have heard that Avodart and flow Max together will slow the growth of a Gleason 6. 

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While I know that many men take various supplements in conjuncton with their prostate cancer I don't believe there is any conclusive evidence that any of these actually retard the growth of a cancerous prostate tumor.  Avodart has been shown to inhibit PSA production but that does not necessarily mean that it has any effect at all in reducing the actual cancer.  

I would encourage you to examine a whole dietary approach rather than a supplement regimen.  There are many studies that show a direct correlation to dairy and red meat to cancer growth.  Excess alcohol usage and high sugar intake also seem to contribute to cancers.  Dairly and red meat producrts in the USA often contain growth hormones that have been administered to the animals to increase weight and milk production.  The hormones pass directly to us when we consume these products and have been shown to create enzymes that promote cancer growth.

Good luck.

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There is a study, the redeem study that shows positive efects among men with early stage prostate cancer who are treated with avodart. 


Additionally there is another study by Johns Hopkins that takes a opposite view.


The jury is still out about this..

If you are are thinking of Avodart, you simply need to do some research.

By the way, D, at a past post you mentioned that you will be seeing I think a nutritionist of cancer, I think to discuss diet etc. I hope that you will be willing to share the outcome of this meeting with us.

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My second biopsy showed gleason 4+3 = 7 in two places, now I have to decide on what treatment to have in the next two weeks. 

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