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Seek advise / help with My wife's liver cancer

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My wife (53 years old) was diagnosed late 2011 with Primary liver cancer. There were several tumors in both lobes. During 2012 she had FIVE targetted chemo therapy through her groin with intervals of 2 to 3 months and scans were taken several weeks after each treatment. The hope was that tumor will be shrinked or contained so that she can be transfered to a faster transplant center. Unfortunately, last December we were told the tumor(s) kept appearing somewhere else in the liver. As a result it was decided to give her Y90 radiation treatment dilivered directly to the liver similar to the chemos. She had done that in January and in March for both lobes.

Late last week, her blood was tested for AFP level and unfortunately it shooted up to over 2100. Her gastronlogist thinks this marker is enought to indicate the tumor is progressing but fresh scans will be done next week to confirm. She is now off the waiting list for transplant because of her tumor and according to her doctor she may never be able to have a transplant.

Can anyone advise if there is any hope for her trying another  type of treatment / clinical trial drug ?? And is it possible that the tumor is under control but her AFP is that high for some other reason?? We have full trust on her Doctors and Oncologist team but what they are telling us is not easy to accept and we are naturally think of going somewhere else but not sure if this is wise.

Any help / advise is greatly appreciated.

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