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Two Questions

Ron Silver
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Joined: Apr 2013

Halfway thru week 5 of 7 weeks of chemo and rad.  Lost 15 lbs even with peg.  Neuropathy-told not getting worse so just finish out treatement.  Huge nausea issues.  swallowing is nearly non existance.  Majic mouthwasher causes me to vomit-mouthsores.  


First, any "supplements" to help with the neuropathy.  I ask and was told none exisit.


Second, been reading about a health anti-cancer diets (veggies green veggies and fruits).  Seems juicing appears to be an effective way to consume these nutrients.  Anyone "juicing" as part of their recovery plan.   


Thanks,  This board has a wealth of information and positive individuals.  

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in both my hands and feet (tho the feet don't bother me much).....my hands drive me crazy sometimes, just because I've become such a clutz.  I've been taking Vit B complex...100's.  I don't know if it works or not, but being a natural remedy I can assume it'll take a while for it to kick in.  My Onc did say there were meds out there they can try (sometimes they work, sometimes not)....but I honestly would rather get used to it than take a prescription med.

Run by anything you're wanting to juice up with your Dr.'s.....there are many things that are very good for our good cells, but they also help the C cells....You might have to wait till treatment is over.


Ron Silver
Posts: 85
Joined: Apr 2013

Thanks for the response.  Yes, I was thinking after chemo is completed (can't swallow anyway right now).  Reading 9 servings of veggies per day recommended.  I never barely had one serving per day. 

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Sorry to hear you are having such a rough go of it right now. It's not easy, but you are almost there..

Just wanted to encourage you to swallow, if only 5 or 6 times a day. You need to swallow. When these muscles are not used as much as they are used to, they begin to weaken. Then fibrosis can set in and of all side effects - it's one you want to avoid. If you can take pain meds and swallow -- do it. You won't regret it. Thicker liquids like Milk are easier to swallow than water. My husband was able to get soggy cereal down.

Hope you have hit the worst.. and you can just get through the end of treatment and get on with healing soon.

Keep us posted.. I'll be looking for your posts.



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Hang tight, your almost done, but try like Kari said to swallow something a couple of times a day, something like milk can be good cause it coats your mouth and throat. When I went through I remember eating peaches, drinking watered down applejuice(water tasted like salt), and lipton chicken soup(no chicken just broth and soft noodles.

I had food aversion so throughout 9 month ordeal from start to finish I lost 70lbs. When its all over darn if they didn't as much as I hid, find me again! Lol. Now it took 2 yrs and a lot of hard work to finally lose it the right way, and now new late side effect is helping keep it off, gotta look for the "Silver" lining(pun intended)

God Bless,


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You've got to keep swallowing...VERY IMPORTANT! I had a G-tube and used it but my surgeon told me to call him immediately if I could not swallow. Fortunately, I did not get to that point but did lose 65 pounds. Also, I wish I had known about the exercises to maintain the ability to open my mouth as wide as I once could. Please try them, you could very well benefit in the long run.

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