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Lighting candles tonight

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I will be lightiing candles tonight and hope others do also.

The first one will be for those who were directly harmed by the terrorist attack in Boston yesterday.  Those who were physically injured, their families and loved ones and those who will forever be scared emotionly/mentally by the trama that they lived through even without visiable signs.  (PTSD is very real and debilitating without appropriate care.)

The second one will be for ALL of us as we have all been affected by this horrendous act.  None of our lives will be the same just as they were never the same after the atttack on the Pentagon, the Twin Towers and over PA where some very courageous people prevented that plane from reaching it's target.

Third will be for all the Sisters and Brothers in Pink who are going through tough times now.

May our Higher Power (for me it is my Heavenly Father but not for all) bless us with Strength.

Winyan - The Power Within


Posts: 3645
Joined: Aug 2009

Who else is going to light candles?

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Count me IN!!!!!!!!!!!



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Thank you for all of the thoughts, for so many that are in challenging times now!!!


BIG hugs, Kathi

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in hiding --  FBI is calling it 'home grown' terrorism. 

Lighting my candle ... again for all those who has passed, and the police officer killed last night.


Vicki Sam

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