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pnet of the spine

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My fiance has just been diagnosed with pnet of the spine. He is 27 years old. The tumor was seen in a contrast MRI 2 weeks ago between L2 and L3. The doctors suspected it to be a neurofibroma.

It was surgically removed 2 days later. The biopsy report came in and the doctors now say it is a pnet. PET scan has been done of his whole body and no other growths have been found anywhere is the body.

The doctors have advised 8 cycles of chemotherapy starting next week.


I have been trying to understand this tumor but the more links I open the more scared I get. I don't know what to expect...good news or bad news at the end of the chemo cycles.

I have found some stories of hope here and I request you all to please share all the information,possible treatment options,prognosis,side-effects to be anticipated....absolutely anything related to this tumor.

Thank you.

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