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Stopping Chemo updated

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Thank everyone for your kind words and support.  They truly mean so much to me.   I came to tHe doc to explain my plan.  He said that we can lower the dosage but that he thinks we can get to remissission. If i stop chemo i have six months to live.   My husband wants me to keep fightening for him our daughter.   I said fine because i canny bear their pain - my husband and daughter.  He also oeder me Cymbalta and something to increase my appetite.   Im back a biy reluctant back in the fight

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and his willingness to work with your dosage. I will say one thing ... I doubt that he knows that you would have six months to live as that is truly unknowable.  If you feel comfortable with your decision then give it a try.  Always know that ultimately, I feel at least, that these decisions are in your control.  The love and support of your family and those here can help you move forward. Very best to you. -- Cynthia

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Your post is heartbreaking Vicki.   This damn disease is so tough on all involved.    I think it's encouraging though that the doctor still thinks there is hope.   I hope the lower dose makes things easier and you reach that remission.  My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.

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Life with cancer is definately a rollercoaster.  Each day can bring new information which influences our decisions.

I am glad that your doc is willing to work with you to potentially improve quality of life while staying in treatment, and very glad he still believes remission is possible.

Prayers are coming your way that all works well and remission becomes a reality.

Marie who loves kitties

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you might want to find out more about Labetuzumab as a potential replacement for irinotecan with less side effects



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Only God knows when you will die. The docs are only guessing based on experience of others. You hang in there and take it a day at a time.  Best of luck to you!!!

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Hang in there...my heart goes out to you...this was still a difficult decision.  I will still keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


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It's got to be a very difficult decision, but I'm glad that your doctor has given you hope.  Hoping that you tolerate the reduced treatment well.


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I like this doctor! I really think it's possible that just a change of dosage could make all the difference. Please let us know how the next session goes.


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oh you are so brave.....my heart goes out to you.  All the very best.....I pray that this dose will be tolerable to you.....

what a strong woman you are.....best love, mags

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Thank you for all the beautiful support everyone. Big hugs!

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I hope things become easier for you....you are so strong and you have all of our support....~ Ann

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You hang in there. Your doctor must see something coming out of this, which is a positive. Hopefully the lower dose will make it a little easier, so stay strong and think positive!



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please consider doing a  combination of low dosage chemo with other herbal / TCM based options....they have worked for some here ...they might work for you !!

i have also read up about yance's protocol recently...you might want to look at that

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Hope is a good thing my friend and I am glad that the doctor shared some with you.  Dick had to cut back on chemo about 1.5 years ago, it was just too much.  I hope and pray that this adjustment is good for you. 




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I was sad when I read your post about stopping chemo. I understood but didnt know how to respond. Now I can say that I am glad that youa good doctor rather than some of these doctors that I read about who basically give up on thier patiants. I refused the last 2 rounds of irinotecan after my first recurrence but I was NED so it was a much easier decision. I almost stopped early after my second recurrence but my friends and family talked me into doing the last 2 rounds.

You have hope and a lot to fight for. You are in my thoughts and prayers no matter what you decide.


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As you can

see you are not alone. Keep up the good fight. We are all in this together.

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I'm glad you're giving things another try. It's not easy but like me and many others with kids, they really can be a great source of motivation and inspiration during tough times...

I'm never crazy to hear when a doctor gives the "x months to live" nonsense. Ask him if he can tell me who's going to win the World Series this year so I can place my bets early!

Hang in there, all the best


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Vicki you are so strong!  You are not alone. I think many of us think of throwing in the towel from time to time.  Sometimes we just need a break or an adjustment to our chemo dose to keep us moving towards our goal of remission or NED. My best to you, Ron

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We are sending our thoughts and prayers.    The fight never ends even if we decide quality of our life is better with or without chemo.  keep making the decision for the best quality of life for you and your family.


Keep up the good fight, and go slay some dragons!

Best Always, mike 

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Six months is a ball park figure. I know someone who was given six months, and lived on and on for years.

We all want to be that person. I Pray you are that are that person.

Blessings to you and your family. 

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It's still your decision.  If you do decide to reduce your dosage, I hope it's more tolerable for you.  My heart goes out to you.

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I hope the lower dose is more tolerable for you. I'm glad the onc was optimistic about you getting to remission. Everyday is a choice for all of us. Good luck, I hope you are feeling better now.
Sandy :)

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Really HOPE is all we have. Nobody knows when the glas is empty.

Take the hope and find the strength to keep going, you are loved by many.

Hugs and prayers are being send to you

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I had stopped chemo a few weeks ago, my liver blood tests were coming back worse every time and I decided I'd rather die a slower cancer death then a quicker liver death.  My Onologist had a talk with me two weeks ago and convinced me to go back on it, he said my PT scans showed great improvement and he had contacted the liver surgeon to meet with me.  He said when my liver functions get too elevated we can stop chemo for a couple of weeks and start back on again.  

I too changed my mind and went back on the chemo.  Doing either, the stopping or continuing is a hard decision, and I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone, and I too did the same.

We can always hope to hang in there for the next big advancement in the cancer fight.  I had started researching what they were doing at a Pennsylvania University where they have been testing on humans a new trial of using your altered genes that target the cancer, it sure sounds hopeful.

You have our complete support Vicki.

Winter Marie

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Vickie I am so happy you are back in the fight.. I understand the reluctance... but know we are all here pulling for you in what ever decision you make..

Love you Donna

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