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Questions for Friday

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So i have been thinking a lot about Friday and my biopsy. Since I will be finding out what this swollen lymph node business is before I leave I had a few concerns.


If it is in fact a type of Lymphoma or Cancer, what types of questions should I be asking?

And what would you encourage me asking? 

I guess if it does come down to that, I have no idea what to do next. And I know my Doctor will be very helpful but there are a ton of 

different treatments for lymphomas and I am not sure what is the best one for my age.



I'd really appreciate the imput, you guys have been my saving grace the past few months since joining this site. Even if I do in fact don't have anything cancer related wrong with me I feel very blessed to know you folks were there for me when nobody else could be! <3 :) Thanks!!! 



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I know the others will add on their advice.  If you do have lymphoma you will be sent to an oncologist, can't remember if you've seen one yet.  At any rate they will hopefully explain to you what type it is and what your treatment will be.  There are many types of lymphomas and different treatments for them.  Your oncologist will know all of that.  Each patient is given an amount of chemo that is regulated by weight, health, many things (I am not exactly sure) but I am sure they also factor in age.  Since you have been reading some of our posts, (if) you have to talk to an oncologist, what he is saying should make sense to you.  Be sure to take notes and write down dates etc.  You will be surprised at what you have forgotten.  Also be sure to get copies of all your test reports etc and "doctor's notes".  We are hoping that you continue just being our friend here and not a "fellow".  Believe it or not you have been an encouragement to all of us too.  We are looking forward to hearing a happy report, hope, hope, hope.  No matter what though, we are always here, you know that.  Again, hoping for the best, Bill & Becky

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What I would remember to do is ask the doc to specify exactly what strain of the disease you have. Lymphoma is broadly divided into Hodgkins and non-Hodgkins, but there is over 30 common strains altogether. These strains vary widely in how aggressive or dangerous they are (or are not).  WRITE DOWN the specific strain, since all subsequent steps in treatment will flow from that bit of information. The strain is often named in a sort of "code," and if the doc gives you this "code" name, ask him what the common name of the disease is as well.    If you have lymphoma, additional tests and imaging will be done to "STAGE" you, or determine how far along the disease is.

But, let us pray and hope that it is something less serious.  Be aware now, regardless, that lymphoma is one of the most treatable of all types of cancers if the test comes back positive.

Pulling for you,



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Hi Manda,

 I received a hard copy of my results from my biopsy, and it was very specific about what type of Lymphoma I had. However, with you getting the results immediately tomorrow you may not be given a hard copy. Do you have someone going with you? If so, ask them to keep notes for you. You will want to know what kind of Lymphoma it is, and the grade. Staging will be determined once they know how many locations the Lymphoma is present. Upper body, lower, stomach, bone marrow,neck etc. I am sure your doctor will be very specific, but ask for a hard copy of his findings. Please get back to us once you find out and know you are in all of our prayers. Best wishes sweetie....Love, Sue


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Good luck today lets us know what they say and don't forget pen and paper. 


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Can't remember if I welcomed you (think I did - dang chemo brain).  I just wanted to second jonathan's wish for good luck today !

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