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A Bit Better

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I've been waiting for a definitive answer concerning hubby's infection. It appears that there isn't one. On blood cultures from the ER, either Staph or Strep showed up. Can't remember which one as my poor ol' brain is muddled right now. Nothing else has showed up and infection seems to be gone with the broad spectrum antibiotcs. He is out of ICU. Still chokes on water. And he's not being given much water through his tube, either, but still getting Saline, antibiotics, & Neupogen through IV. WBC was up to 3.2 yesterday.

He still can't stand alone & has no strength. Voice is back partially, but very weak, like laryngitis. I don't know what the plan is yet for recovery, but am going to the hospital soon to see if I can catch a doctor. They are as elusive as the big fish in the lake.

Talk to ya'll soon.



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Geez you poor thing....it seems things are better but you're still in the dark, how frustrating. I'm glad hubby is feeling a bit better and is out of the ICU. I'm not surprised with his fatigue and weakness. I had weekness from simply being dehydrated, I can only imagine how he must feel. I literally couldn't step over the tub wall to get into tbe shower without the help of my husband.
I didn't realize it in the hospital because they had the walk in shower.
I imagine it will take him a bit to get that energy back. Nutrition will help too.

I sure hope you get to talk to the doctors today and find out if he had Staph or Strep.
Don't forget to take care of you!

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So happy to hear that the tide has turned and hubby is improving! When you are going through cancer treatment you are already beat up add this no wonder poor guy can't stand alone. He'll get back to self soon enough, we will continue to pray for him and you. You need rest to sweetie and try to get some. You are no good to him if you yourself get sick from being worn down.

God bless you both and much love being sent your way,


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wolfen, so glad hubby is well enuf 2 leave icu.  as the others said, don't forget 2 take care of u.  will keep u and hubby n my prayers.

God bless,


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"It's a Rare Breed"

A saying for people, events and /or things that don't come around very often. I can say that for less than 10 I personally know and less than 50 total. Wolfen, your endurance and spark for life make you a rare breed indeed!


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he's getting better...even in degrees it helps...and I'm SO relieved that the infection is gone....that is scary stuff!!  Don't worry about how much water he's getting in his tube as long as he's hooked up to the saline, he's being hydrated. 

You have been dragged thru every knothole this disease has to offer....and come out the other side.....I totally admire your strength.


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I’ll take a bit better and hope for more.


Hang in there girl!



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I am praying for a positive outcome for your husband.

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We have swallowing specialists at our local teaching hospital who worked with my niece recently after a bad flare of her MS.

Water is one of the things most difficult to swallow because it is difficult, even under the best of circumstances, for throat muscles to get hold of and aspiration just happens.

Small bits of jello or just a tad of oatmeal or ice cream or pudding is what I have seen used.  These will slide down the throat unless the patient chokes when anything is tried.  If it is practice swallowing that is needed, these are a better choice.

Sepsis - sometimes they are just not able to determine the source.  Just praising it is gone, Wolfen.


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Amazing what you are doing, going back and forth to the hospital is not an easy trek, Neither is chasing doctors, but I bet you've gotten very good at it!

So glad to hear the antibiotics got a good hold on the infection. Hopefully he can get back on his feet and back on track soon and you can get to the healing stages of treatment.

I hope you are taking the opportunity to rest and take care of yourself too..

Keeping you in my pocket and look forward to your posts.

Hugs, Kari

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