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please stop digging up old post

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For those of us that have been around for several years, dealing with the pain of cancer, or the pain of taking care of loved ones with cancer, We have come to know people here and their struggles very well, We have come to care about everyone. When a person passes away it can be very hard, and i have stop coming to this board when someone with whom i really identify with passes away, it is really hard especially for those of us with advanced cases like stage III and IV.

Anyway to make my point short when old post are dug up they cause new pain and it would be better just to ask your question .  We don't mind answering repeat questions.

Please keep this in mind when you hunting for answers and find an old post, chances are it will contain answers or post from someone who is nolonger with us.  Eventough we cared for them it is painful to be hit of guard by like this.

Thank you


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I'm thinking that a lot of this is unintentional especially from new members.  Sometimes they type in a word and it pulls up posts from oldest to newst and although they are responding to an old post, they are unaware of the date probably.  Older members tend to look at the dates before responding, but newer members don't pick up on that.  None the less, it's hard to see old posts.


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I agree, Kim. I think it's just new people getting familiar with the website. I don't think they are intentionally being insensitive by bringing up old posts. I don't think they realize what they're doing and the possible upset they may be causing.

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