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Home from Robotic Surgery

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Had robotic surgery on Thursday April 11th and they removed 40% of my left kidney.  I came home Sunday April 13th.  I don't feel real great - paiin and exhausted.  Had a hip replacement last November and it was a piece of cake compared to this.  I just want to sleep.  Have diminished lung capacity so that was a problem for a while but slowly getting better.  Just want to thank all who took the time to answer my posts and relieve my fears.  You a great bunch of friends.

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Well done!!  You can't be in bad shape to be home and posting here so soon.  As iceman always says, from now on it will get better day by day.  Just be sensible and take it gradually, with plenty of water and as much walking as you can manage as the days pass.  Keep on coming here for help in the recovery period, which takes a while but you're now through the worst of it.  Good luck, Sable

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Starting on March 14 when you were first diagnosed every other word was "terrified". Now that that little bugger is out it wasn't so bad was  it?


That little pain is just a small price to pay where the alternatine is that there is no operation and the tumor takes over.



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iceman, I think you'll find that the lady who spends all her time telling us how terrified she is of everything is named Mandy.

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So glad it went okay! Hope you have a speedy recovery! Get your rest, your body needs it. :)

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The biggest fear initially is the op, the relief when that is over....Then we have to start dealing with all of the after effects, and our body is going to be shouting at us.

Sleep as best you can for the first few days, your body will heal better. Try to shuffle around the house, pain permitting. Really do what you feel you can don't push yourself. Initially I  found any movement very difficult, you will notice improvement within a few days, don't get dispondent.

All the best



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Glad to hear everything went good! Hang in there Sable.


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nothing to it. Sable you will be tired so go ahead and rest as needed. Don't compare this to your hip procedure where you HAD to get up and move. It will come. Take your meds. That is what they are for. Move around as able. Think good thoughts. You will be out walking shortly. Enjoy the spring.

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Good going Sable!  I know you are happy that it is over for now! It is great that you came over to keep us updated, we do worry about each other!  So now things are moving forward. Think positive thoughts!  Take this time to spoil yourself a litte, read some good books, play online games (keep the mind busy) and meditate.  Keep us posted!!  XXOO 


PS Listen to Fox, he is a physical therapist.. ;)

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You are going to be very tired...listen to your body and rest, rest, rest...and take your meds when you need them...I had my surgery Feb 8th and I am feeling much, much better but I still get tired easily and now I am a good girl and rest without guilt when I feel the need...Really happy all went good for youSmile

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Now that the hard part is over... glad it went well and now it is time to heal up.... and as it was so aptly said many years ago...  "There is no place like home..."


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