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Not what i want to be discussing

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Since Feb ive been posting how my numbers have been going up. I did CT scan then a Pet scan now they have found four areas in question. Im going to Cancer Treatment  Center of America have to do biopsis there and find out what method to address this with. Really sucks because it was a year ago in May that i finished my last chemo treatment. Looks like round two is inevitable. Just wondering if anyone has gone to that facility or heard anything about it. I dont mind hearing any opinion good bad or indifferant. Just dont know what to do looking for options. Just a side note my Dr. that ive been seeing since the beginning of this is wonderful however i just want to go somewhere that may have more options,clinical trials ect. Thank you all for any advice. Really scared mad, confused, worried and so on!!

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I don't have anything helpful to say.  I have only just seen ads for that place.  I know nothing about them.

 But I wanted you to know I am very sad you are starting down this road again.  To have gone nearly a year is a huge blessing, but I know it must be so hard to take up the fight again.  But you are so much wiser now, and you have a fighting spirit.  I will be thinking of you in the days ahead.

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im in the same boat with you. I finished chemo May 2012. Numbers startes going up dec 2012. I'm now in a clinical trial with the NIH. I just startEd this week. It is a PARP trial. 

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I don't have any information about the Cancer Centers of America either, but I am so sorry that your numbers are going up.  I will be hoping and praying that the game plan you choose helps to kick your cancer's butt!  I'm hoping the same for 2timothy17 too.



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Other than that they are excellent in the "Warm-Fuzzies" department, I've heard nothing good about them.  The article below was published recently, and explained how they manipulate their statistics to appear to have much better outcomes than they really have.  I spoke with them when I was diagnosed, and got bad feelings.


You asked for good and bad - I personally wouldn't go near them.  Many will disagree with me.

Just my 2 cents.

E galaxy
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I was told by one of my oncologists that he would not want me to go to Cancer Treatment Centers of America. He said he had patients who went there and were not satisfied with the treatment. It was costly and no different than you would recieve at Johns Hopkins, M D Anderson, or Sloan Kettering. I would suggest you look into other options.


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You defeated it in round 1 and you will kick cancer's *** in round 2.

I don't have any personal experience with CTCoA. My guess is it's a big business, like any other hospital. I don't know if the info about them cooking their statistics is true or is generated by their competitors. If you feel that it is the right option for you - I say go for it. 

Teal Bear Hugs

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