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The healing process

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Hi everyone! I'm 4 months post treatment. My CT scan showed no cancer. YAY! I am going for a sigmoidoscopy this coming Tuesday and I am trying real hard not to freak out. I was told the reason for the sigmoidoscopy is because the CT scan doesn't show everything. Well, when I have a bowel movement it is starting to hurt on the side the turmor was on. I posted in an earlier post that my stools were narrow, and now they aren't. They are almost normal size but it hurts when I go to the bathroom. I guess what I'm trying to ask is...is this part of the healing process? I am terrified the cancer is back or the treatments didn't work. I've tried looking to see what is the healing process for anal cancer but I can't find anything. Thanks for your help. I don't know what I would do without all of you.


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I am nearing the 5-year survivor mark and still have painful BM's from time to time, especially during bouts of constipation.  You mention that your stools are of normal size--if you have some stenosis of your anal canal, this could be causing your pain.  The anal canal can shrink (just like the vagina) from the radiation.  Chances are this is just part of your new normal.  Good luck with the scope on Tuesday!

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Healing takes a long time. I still experience pain and blood from time to time, and I am 2 years out from this cancer.

Worrying about recurrence is inevitable. I try to stay focused on today, but once in awhile I panic. Try to stay in faith and enjoy each day that we have. That is really all that anyone can do. Making lifestyle changes to live the healthiest life that we can helps us to feel empowered.

Take good care of yourself, eat well, rest, exercise and try not to worry.

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Hang in there!  I still have pain on BM ... Two years out!  It takes time ... And everyone is different!  

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Thank you all so much! you all made me feel so much better. I'm sorry that you had to experience cancer, but I'm so glad we are all here for each other!

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I'am 2 years out of treatments and i still have pain sometimes with BM

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Congrats on your CT scan news! Hope all goes well Tuesday. I'm almost two years post treatment and still have BM issues.


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