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Radiation Failure

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A 15 year old girl just passed away in March 2013 three months after treatment using Cyberknife. The girl was told to have 80% success rate of treatment. The treatment failed terribly exploding the tumor on the neck from half size of a plum to half size of a large cantalupe. The tumor became so stiff that it choked off the girl's eating and breathing pipes. The tumor enlarged so huge that it bursted with mucus flowing out. The girl was sent home after declaring by the doctor to be a failure. In addition, the doctor sent the girl for a breast removal after the failure intended to have an experimental sample from the patient since she already had tumors all over the body after the radiation. After the surgery, the chest was infected and blood continued to leak out at home. The girl was completely tortured before death mostly due to medical experiment. The girl could have lived longer or few more years naturally since she had lived more two years with the cancer and gained 10 pounds in weight right before treatment and was very active. The radiation and chemotherapy killed in days once they failed because your body lost most of the fighting ability and was almost down to bone in weeks. The girl took the chance but it was extremely tortured to struggle to the end when she was starved and depleted of oxygen by the enlarged tumor resulting from the radiation. Looking back, dying naturally and living a little longer perhaps might be a better choice for her.

God blessed her in heaven.

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Things like this are very hard but it is a chance we all take in dealing with cancer. The possibility of failure is always there at the door and no doctor can tell what way things will go. I have had my NPC cancer come back 3 times. I treated my NPC twice but the last time when it came back the doctors told me I had less than a 5% chance with treatment to survive a 6 months; so I opt for no more treatment. I found some alterative treatment and did a lot of praying, that was about 7 years ago.  My doctors can’t believe I am still alive and can’t believe the cancer just stopped growing and went away all by its self. My problem now is living with pain and the radiation damage and it gets worse every year. I can no longer swallow and will be on PEG tube the rest of my life, but I am still here and that is all that really matters.

God knows what he is doing and why he lets some of us go to Sleep and some of us stay behind. I just trust Him for everyday and live only by His grace.


God Bless you my friend


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