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New to Forum (and Cancer)....stage 4 colon cancer....help

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Hi Everyone!

I was diagnosed on Feb 21, 2013 with Stage 4 Colon Cancer (colon, lymph nodes, stomach, liver)  I am a 46 year old female.  I've started chemo with my 2nd cycle beginning on this coming Wednesday (4/17).  I've been told that I will be on chemo "until I ask" to be taken off. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that has been told this, but I sure feel like.  I would appreciate hearing from all but especially those that have been given this devastating news.  Thank you for any advice/help!



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I wish you didn't have to join us here on the forums, its a devestating diagnosis. So many emotions, so many stresses, and stressing is what we don't need as we fight this battle. 

I hope you have great support at home, love, I swear can carry us through so many travails. 

You will find many stage 4, here on the boards, some who have been on this journey for many years. Its been a hard journey for them, but I  know they will be here to lift you up, support and fill you with the information you need. 

Don't let your Doctors put a 'sell by' date on you.  There are many here who have been totally devestated by a 'three months at the best' type of diagnosis, and yet, with treatment, good diet and exercise, and that thing called LOVE, are here for many years. 

My thoughts and prayers are with you.  Visit us often, you will learn so much and it will help you on this journey. 


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Sorry you're on the forum but it's probably the best one out there. Trubrit offered great advice/comments. You might want to get a second opinion. It's never too late to get one. They can make the world of difference. There are many new-ish treatments available and also dietary and more holistic approaches. It's hard to know what to do but the best advice I can offer is to make sure you're at a Cancer Center that is familiar with dealing with colon cancer.


DX Feb 2004, stage IC colon cancer

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You will find a great deal of compassion and support here.  There is also a good deal of knowledge regarding differing paths that individuals take who are diagnosed with advanced cancer. 

It seems that your doctor was indicating that he/she may think that you will not be a candidate for curative surgery and that they feel the chemotherapy treatment you are being given is palliative only ... I am uncertain about this and others I am sure will respond ... but, usually one is given around six months of chemotherapy to determine how effective the treatment is prior to determining potential surgery options.  

Do you sense that your doctor is beng pessimistic?  Does he/she inspire your confidence and give you hope?  If not, it may be important to get other opinions from doctors not associated with your present oncologist.  Assuming you are in the US, are you being seen at a major NCI cancer center?

You are young and your cancer does seem to be widespread but you are also early in your treatment process.  There are many who have lived years after a diagnosis of advanced cancer. My husband was diagnosed in 2008 and although he has recently decided to do no more chemo treatments, he has lived four+ years since his original diagnosis.  It has not always been easy for him but he is grateful for these additional years.  Chemo can extend your life but it is also a challenge to one's quality of life, but complementary treatments started early in conjunction with your conventional treatments can improve your well-being.  

I am sorry that you find yourself here, but you will find we are a safe and kind group. You have received devastating news and I am sure that your world has turned upside-down.  Continue to come to this board and ask any and all questions. 

Best to you,


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I'm so sorry for your news.  C/C spread to the stomach is extremely rare.  I've only seen two CRC patients online in my four years on forums who developed stomach caking as the cancer spread.  I have no advice but will pray!



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You must feel so overwhelmed at this time....there is so much to process at the beginning....hopefully we can help you with some of it. As Trubit, Phil and Cynthia have posted you have found a place with unbelievable compassion, a wealth of knowledge, and personal experiences. A few more details would be helpful as to if there are any other plans of reevaluation after chemo, other options, other doctors. There are many options of treatment so I agree with the others about a second opinion. I was diagnosed Nov. 2011 with stage IV colon cancer. I have done chemo, liver resection, SIRT, more chemo,SBRT radiation, and am still in treatment and in the midst of cancer, I am still here and happily living life! Any questions, please ask....~ Ann

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I too was diagnosed in a February, Feb 6th 2010, they gave me 4 to 6 months with chemo.

i've been on and off chemo for over 3 years now, had one surgery and hopefully looking forward to another to remove tumors.

i haven't exercised, I haven't changed diet, I haven't gotten crazy over it.  Now, I keep thinking about exercise and diet as since I've done well these past three years, imagine how well I would have done doing all the proper things.  What I'm trying to say, is that dont make yourself crazy over the cancer, don't blame yourself for it, don't hate yourself for not going crazy into exercising or dieting, take things just that one day at a time, while looking forward to a long life.

Cancer sucks, dying suddenly by a sudden heart attack sucks worse, I'm sure.

have you gone through the crazy stages yet?  The why me's, the sobbing, the screaming silently to the universe that I do not want to die?  All things I went through, the sureness that I would be dead in those following months, and yet here I am, going to college, enjoying my grandchildren and living a full life with interruptions from cancer.

Welcome to our group, there are many here that can and will help you in your journey through cancer.

Winter Matie

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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I was diagnosed wIth stage iv CRC almost exactly a year ago. More details are in my profile. My advise is that you be your own advocate and push as much as possible for information andI options. If the information and options arE not hopeful, get another opinion. Good luck. 


Posts: 92
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I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I was diagnosed wIth stage iv CRC almost exactly a year ago. More details are in my profile. My advise is that you be your own advocate and push as much as possible for information andI options. If the information and options arE not hopeful, get another opinion. Good luck. 


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ahhhh Hope i am so sorry that you are in this crappy situation. I am way older than you....65 female....but I was given an expiry date .....7 years ago still goin with stage IV sooooooooo take a great big breath and on you go girl.

One step at a time.....the docs are great but they do not know your end date.....please stay in touch

best love, mags

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I would get a 2nd opinion.  The doctor should not be so negative. 

Keep coming back to this forum for support!

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Please get a second opinion and locate a specialist for your type of crc.  I am stage 3b with signet cell.  I had the colon surgery plus 6 months of chemo.  Clear scans, cea is great, small polyp at 1 yr colonoscopy, removed.  I am NED just over 1 year!

You will find alot of great advice on this site.

The most important thing I can say is get a 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion.  If you are not comfortable with something said or a process, question it, talk to other specialists.  "You were told............" part I have trouble with.  It should be a discussion with your Onc.  Remember if you do not like the Onc, look for another.  You have to have a good relationship and you must be comfortable with your care.  Educate yourself, find out exactly what you have a find the right Dr.

Please keep posting.  This forum is a great soft place to land!



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