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Question, don't know where to begin....

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My sister in law is 46.  Two years ago she was diagnosed with stage 2 uterine cancer.  I don't have many details as to the type etc. All i kow is they did a hysterectomy and no treatment. She had scans every three months and was all clear. 1 1/2 later she had alot of pain so they did a scan, the prior was four months before was ok. She had a recurrence on the wall. They did surgery for her and then 4 rounds of chemo. She went for her recent scan and things that remained after surgery shrunk. She thought that was great news. However, she went to her doctor at Mt. Sinai in NY and he told her something to the effects that she will never go into remission and this will be a chronic disease like diabetes is. 


I am just wondering how he can say that when she only had 4 chemo treatments, no radiation and hasn't tried anything else?  I don't know much about this. Can someone tell me if there are other treatments out there, any trials or anything? Does it seem right that they wouldn't do radiation? They have her on tamoxifen because they said her hormones is causing this as she has too many.


Any feedback is welcome. Thank you!!!

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I'm sorry to hear of your sister in laws recurrence.  It's so difficult to explain why the doc had the statement of NEVER GO INTO REMISSION AND THIS WILL BE A CHRONIC DISEASE.  ONe thing which is unknown, what grade cancer?  For instance mine is MMMT type uterine and very aggressive and is treated as such and generally grade 3.  You didn't mention her grade, but it may as well changed since the recurrence.  Many times docs just aren't positive thinkers, more like nay-sayers always thinking doom and gloom...could this be her doc?  Even thought my cancer is aggressive, my doc has NEVER told me, you'll never go into remission...why go there and burst my optimistic bubble of living a long, healthy life???


Radiation?  Not sure if they should have done this treatment, but many times it's done as in my case my cancer was found in 1 pelvic lymph node and highly recommened to have the external radiation to zap the whole area, plus moreso on that positive node.  


Might I suggest a second opinion?  You'll see many docs aren't as qualified or just don't answer the proper questions and we as patients can get second opinions.  Most insurance as well, do cover this other opinions.


Type of doc?  Always suggest we see a GYN/ONCOLOGIST, as they're more specialized for our type cancer and bodies.  


These are just a few of my thoughts as there are many unknowns so can't give exact answers.  Plus, I'm no doc and can only guide.  


Wish you and your SIL the very best during her journey....


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Thank you Jazzy... you have been very helpful. I am going to get my sil to talk and get some details.....   I will post back when i get it.  I pray that all goes well with you and that your treatments are very effective.  My mom has kidney cancer so i am on the boards all the time...  All my best to you! Thanks again!  XXOO

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