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thyroid cancer

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My husband had his first post treatment CT scan and the ENT surgeon (radiologist missed it) spotted a nodule on the thyroid. He had a biopsy and results can back as thyroid cancer. What a huge shock and more surgery is needed. He will be having surgery in about 3 weeks. So worried because we couldn't even get through one CT scan. This will be his fourth sugery in 18 months and thats not to mention the chemo and radiation he had. Just in shock again and worried about the surgical outcome after having surgery to bilateral neck and radiation. Won't be an easy surgery and entire thyroid will have to be removed. My anxiety level is going up.

Has anyone had any experience with diagnosis of thyroid cancer after recently finishing treatment for BOT SCC cancer?


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I have not had Thyroid cancer or surgery, but wish to tell you I am sorry for this diagnosis and to say they caught this pretty early and there is a high degree of success in treating Thyroid problems.


There is no “fair play” when dealing with cancer, it just is.  I have every confidence he will come out of this ok.


Stay strong,



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Thanks Matt for the encouragement.


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So very upsetting to hear yet so glad they caught it. I'm sorry your family has another hurdle to cross. Prayers and hugs being sent your way.


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despise cancer..it's not hard enough to face the first time? Now again? Prayers are with you that all will go smoothly

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so sorry to hear the second dx.  you've already been thru hell and now u have to take the trip again.  i will be praying for you and your husband. 

God bless,


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I had my vocal cords removed and a portion of the thyroid. During the surgery, my parathyroid glands got wacked. These glands control calcium levels in the blood. Uncontrolled low levels can be controlled with supplements (under an endocrinologist's advice). The symptom of low calcium is muscle twitches, especially facial muscle twitches. If you develop such twitches (even intermittent) have a blood test for calcium levels. Low calcium can lead to a heart attack; but the condition is easily controlled. Don't guess if muscle twitches develop. Have them checked out. Rick.

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Hello Joan  My husband also found out he had thyroid cancer while completing treatment for a sinus tumor. He had neck surgery already scheduled to check out his lymph nodes so they removed the thyroid at that time. It did go smoothly compared to his previous surgery the prior year.  He also had radiation to the neck previously.Treatment is one radioactive pill and follow up.It was very disheartening to have more problems to worry about, but all in all  things are getting back to some kind of normal. Best of luck.

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I am sorry to hear about the thyroid cancer.  I wish that cancer would be cured.  It really sucks.

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Hello bjohn,


Your words are inspiring.  I was just finally diagnosed with Thryroid Cancer, however my pet scan didnt catch it?! and I am scheduled for RAI treatment soon.  My question to you is...how did you find out your husband had a sinus tumor?  I have had many sinus issues and I keep telling my ent I feel like there is an active volcano in my right sinus and he tells me its just allergies?  I have enough problems but am curious how you found the tumor.  I appreciate the feed back and its inspiring to know that there is an end in sight..well I mean a "resume" to a somewhat normal lifestyle. :)


thank you


Jamie Sue

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But I can offer my thoughts and prayers for you, and to continue the strong fight that you always have had...


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Sorry for the news, but knowing they caught this right away is a positive thing.....sounds like you have a good ENT that is keeping you on track.

Prayers for you to get your mind eased soon.


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