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Seems that I get slightly different answers depending on who I ask and what I read, so here goes to all you laymen :-)


7,6 cm

Grade 2

nephrectomy August 2010

just had my fifth check/scan without any indications of a relapse or spreading

45 years old and generally very good health


My urologist says Im now so much below the radar for a recurrence that I might as well win the lottery

My family doctor says theres a ten percent chance of a relapse

My oncologist doesnt like numbers but just keeps repeating the risk is "low"...


what to think?

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I vote for your oncologist.

Now ask him how to make that risk even lower.

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My oncologist always just turns it into the positive aspect without being precise, meaning if I say "I know theres a risk, how can we/I reduce it besides the obvious fact of leading a healthy life?". His answer is always in the line of "Well, youre only grade 2 and it was almost a T1 and youre young and yaddayaddayadda"...bottom line I wont get him to define "low" without stcking a gun to his head and I in a way dont think I can blame him. Sometimes is just calming to have a number you can hang your hopes on I guess...

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Your family dr. is way too high.




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Icemantoo, from what I could dig up on the net (havent read statistics for a long time as I know they never describe ones individual situation) it looks like youre right. 

From what I can find approx. 30 percent who didnt have spreading at nephrectomy get it later, however 80-85 percent of those get it within the first three years. Grade 3/4 has a four time higher risk. And I assume, this I oddly havent found any statistics on, that large T2 and T3 have an increased risk. I was a very small T2 (borderline T1), grade 2 and Im almost at the three year marker.  Looks like my family doctor just threw a number if you do the math on the above...

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