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Hi Forme (Lisha)

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How are you doing these days?


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Hi Kelly,

So sorry for the long delay. I've been struggling with health and assorted drama and sadness.

I know that I mentioned our dear family friend who passed about six weeks ago, well we had another death to deal with. Our Florida business was being run by a good friend and he just passed away the first week in April. So I flew to FL to attend the service and to see after the business. This was my first trip since my surgery. I've been home 2 weeks now, but within 2 days of getting off the plane I became so ill. I knew my counts were low, but thought that if I was extra aware of germs and such, all would be fine. Wrong!

Today is really the first day that I have the slightest bit of energy, still exhausted though. So taking it slow and easy, as if I had a choice! Ha.

Tomorrow I meet with the doc to go over my most recent labs. Ca 125 was up just a bit about a month ago, so feeling somewhat nervous about tomorrow.

I've missed you all and have tried to read through the posts as much as energy allows.

Your wonderful support, understanding and wise advice means so much to me.

I hope you are feeling well and thank you for thinking of me.

Sending you and all the wonderful ladies huge hugs.


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Posts: 1364
Joined: Sep 2011

Thank you so much for checking in, even though it must have taken a lot of energy and focus to do so.  I am so sorry for the passing of your good friend and for your struggles with health issues.  It is always so painful and so sad to lose our loved ones.  There's never an easy or convenient time to deal with death.

I'm glad you are slowly gaining your strength and energy back.  Although a slow process, you are moving in the right direction.  I hope and pray that you get good news about your latest CA 125 tomorrow. 

I myself am doing well (and I always knock on wood when I say that!).  Knowing what you and so many other ladies are going through, I know how fortunate I am and know that I have nothing to complain about.

Thank you again for posting. 

Take good care,



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I hope your doctor appointment went well today and you're gaining your energy back. So sorry about your friend's passing.

Big hugs!!!

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Sorry for the tough times. 



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