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Stable is a good word

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 At the end of the 12th cycle of the trial drug TRC 105 with avastin, the CT showed no growth in the large liver tumor and a .2cm shrinkage in the smaller one.  Other "multiple" hepatic lesions continue to show signs of central necrosis (DIE, you %#!@#), and CEA is down to 2.1.  No new metastisis appreciated.

Happy dance!  


Fatigue continues to be a problem as does the eribitux-like rash;  these seem to be some side effects the docs are discovering with this drug.  Robert and I think that this treatment also aggrevates old injuries..increased inflammation around injured joints and muscles.  Docs won't say either way, but it is always asked if these areas still pain him.



Talladega race is in a few weeks....we won't be going this spring.  Too much sun, late nights, food and booze;  so we decided to go to the Crawfish Boil, a yearly event that always falls on Race weekend that we never go to because we are at the race.  We will watch the race on TV, eat wings, and fall asleep until the last ten laps.


Best to all,







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...and have a great time at the Crawfish Boil!!!! Sounds fun....~ Ann

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My cat scans results I got this week showed most all my tumors in colon, liver and lungs were either stable or some shrinkage. I'm taking the Stirvarga chemo pills. Fatigue is really bad. On two occasions had to get blood transfusions. But me too had my happy dance because no major growth. I pray for both of us that this continues for a long time.

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We are happy for your good news!   Getting over Chemo will take a little while. (It took me a year.)   Either way, now you can heal. Life will get back to normal, and Talladega will be there next year.


Sending good thoughts, prayers, and vibes for more good news in the future!

Best Always,  mike

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That all sounds like great news! With the rash try to make sure that you use scent free soaps etc. it seems to lessen it.

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Caught a few laps on the tube...

I always thought Talledega would be so cool to go see......Bristol too....and of course Daytona in Feb or July:)

You're just my kind of folks, Angie...you and Robert.......wings and hanging at the track....maybe I'll get to 'Bama one day...that was always one of Earnhardt's best races....I miss #3:(

Hey...and just so you know....I will be mailing that package too you and Robert....don't tell him...let's see what the look on his face will be.....that should be a good one....give it to him on a day when he can click his heels:)

'Stable' has got me all delirious:)  I'm glad it's working and still so sorry that Big Rob is having to hurt so hard...I hope this little care package serves as a reminder of the admiration I carry for my fellow warriors. I'll mail it out this Friday or Saturday after I get paid.....I'll be sending it through my own special grass-roots organization - Texan Angels With Wings:)

For sure, for at least one night, Robert will have "Changes in Latitude - With a Change in Attitude".....just like Jimmy Buffet said it would, LOL!

Oh, $hit, now you got me to smile....gotta' cut that out:)

Take it EZ!

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Always nice to hear good news on this forum!

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Hi Angela

Stable is excellent news. Congratulations!


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Great news from both of you :)  Laughing


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fighting_ big_c
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Love to hear this news! Keep it coming !!!

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Great news Angela!  Stable is a GREAT word!  My best to you, Ron

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Stable is good, happy, happy dance!  Like the shrinkage part a lot too!!

Enjoy the Crawfish Boil, I remember the crawfish in Louisiana, they were so good.  It sounds like an enjoyable plan!

Thinking of you both,

Winter Marie

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Stable is good.  You are moving in the right direction. 


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