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third clear scan in a row!

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Dear everyone,

On Monday morning I had my 7th CT scan, and I learned late that afternoon that I am still in remission. No sign of disease, and my CA-125 remains stable at about 9.6. Whoo-hoo! I feel very lucky indeed.

The most interesting part of the process this time is that when I was in the scanner (with my healing quilt over me, and a new talisman of silver and aventurine in my hand) I heard a voice, not mine, and not external, say quite clearly: Nothing to see here.

I did tell my husband that I'd heard this communication before we got the results, just for verification later. Astonishing experience, and I'm not quite sure what I think of it. But I'm glad that's the message I received, and that it was accurate!

Peace and blessings and good health to all of us.



Sisters three
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You get the official Snoopy Dance!!!!!

Congratulations on your results! I hope you hear the voice every scan now! 







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Hi Soromer:


   Congratulations on your cat scan! I hope that you can continue to remain cancer free and with NO evidence of disease.

I wish you the best for now and for the future and continued good health.



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I'm delighted you got that message too.  I'm wearing a BIG smile for you


 Tell about the talisman.  What's an adventurine



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So happy to hear your good news!   Amazing that you heard all was good,  what an incredible experience, thank you for sharing. 

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Whate an experience, Kate - and what a great outcome.  Long may you dance with NED - you have had a long journey to get there.

Every good wish to you


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So happy to hear your good news!   

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Thank you for sharing your good news. I am so pleased for you.




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What a wonderful experience. So happy for you.

mary Ann


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